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Rockman X5 (洛克人X5?) is a two volume manhua series illustrated and written by Hup Yee, that is based loosely on the events of the Mega Man X5 game. This series is a little known rarity due to a number of reasons: the artist is relatively unknown, it was never released outside of China, and unlike the Japanese manga series based on the first four games of the Mega Man X series published by Kodansha in its monthly manga magazine, Comic Bom Bom, this manhua lacked the backing of a well known publishing company.

Release information

Rockman X5 vol. 1
PublisherN/ARelease date2001
Contents Chapters 1-6
Rockman X5 vol. 2
PublisherN/ARelease date2001
Contents Chapters 7-12

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Baka-Updates information about the Rockman X5 manhua

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