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Rockman Unity (ロックマンユニティ Rokkuman Yuniti?) is a Japanese news blog created by Capcom in 2010 as a Japanese counterpart of Capcom Unity, where Ucchy posts the newest information about the Mega Man franchise and occasionally about other Capcom games.


Rockman Unity, also known as Rockman Portal (ロックマンポータル?), is a free mobile phone app released in Japan on December 15, 2016. It allows to view the news from the Rockman Unity site on mobile and has challenges that grant extra content like mobile wallpapers.[1]


RockmanUnityAppWallpaper ROCKMAN UNITY配信記念
(Rockman Unity Delivery Commemoration)
Shinkiro Release wallpaper
MMBN New Year Wallpaper お正月
(New Year)
Yuri Kataiwa January 2017
Rockman Unity App Wallpaper 03 Happy Happy New Year!! Kiraito January 2017
Rockman Unity App Wallpaper 04 ロール
Yuri Kataiwa February 2017 Air Man
Rockman Unity App Wallpaper 05 ロックマン&ブルース
(Rockman & Blues)
Go~yan March 2017 Snake Man
April Fools 2017 1April Fools 2017 2
? April Fools 2017 4
新連載 第1話
新連載 第2話
六☆萬太郎 April 1 ?
Rockman Unity Wallpaper 2017 04 シエル
Go~yan April 2017 Pharaoh Man
Rockman 20th Anniversary ロックマン20周年イラスト
(Rockman 20th Anniversary Illustration)
Yuri Kataiwa May 2017 Star Man
Rockman Unity Wallpaper 2017 06 トロン&コブン
(Tron & Kobun)
Yuri Kataiwa June 2017 Crystal Man
Natsuiro Roll 夏色ロール
(Summer Color Roll)
Yuri Kataiwa Early July 2017 Bubble Man
Song of the Sea Song of the Sea ヨンカース・マルタ Late July 2017 Dive Man
ハープ・ノート&ロール1080x1920 ハープ・ノート&ロール
(Harp Note & Roll)
Manami Yoshino August 2017 Wind Man
ドクター ワイリー1080x1920 ドクター ワイリー
(Doctor Wily)
Shinkiro August 2017 Shadow Man
FuwaFuwaMission ふわふわミッション!
(Fuwa Fuwa Mission!)
Chisato Mita September 2017 Charge Man
Wave Road Rider Wave Road Rider Tokiko Nakashima Late September 2017 Plant Man
Rockman Unity Wallpaper 2017 10 響ミソラ
(Hibiki Misora)
Manami Yoshino October 2017 Metal Man
HalloweenGirls ハロウィンガールズ!
(Halloween Girls!)
Kiraito November 2017 Wood Man
Rockman Unity Wallpaper 2017 11 白金ルナ
(Shirogane Luna)
Ryuji Higurashi November 2017 Needle Man
Misora Santa ミソラサンタ
(Misora Santa)
Yuri Kataiwa December 2017 Blizzard Man
Rockman 11 Artwork ロックマン11 運命の歯車!!
(Rockman 11: Unmei no Haguruma!!)
Ryuji Higurashi December 2017 Guts Man
Rockman Unity Wallpaper 2018 01 炎山&ブルース
(Enzan & Blues)
Manami Yoshino January 2018 Bright Man
Rockman Unity Wallpaper 2018 02 メディ&タンゴ
(Medi & Tango)
Go~yan February 2018 Flash Man
Rockman Unity Wallpaper 2018 03 スバルと仲間たち
(Subaru and Friends)
Manami Yoshino March 2018 Plant Man



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