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Rockman theme collection front

Rockman Theme Song Collection (Front Cover)

Rockman Theme Song Collection (ロックマン テーマソング集 Rokkuman Tēma Songu Shū) is a soundtrack with eleven songs from the Mega Man franchise. It was released in February 20, 2002.

Track listingEdit

  1. We are Rockman (Rockman's Soccer commercial theme)
  2. Electrical Communication (Rockman 8: Metal Heroes opening and commercial theme)
  3. Brandnew Way (Rockman 8: Metal Heroes ending theme)
  4. Makenai Ai ga Kitto Aru (Rockman X4 opening and commercial theme)
  5. One More Chance (Rockman X4 ending theme)
  6. another sun (Rockman DASH "opening" and commercial theme)
  7. Anata no Kaze ga Fuku Kara (Rockman DASH ending theme, mistakenly said to be the opening and commercial theme in the CD box back.)
  8. Naite Ii Yo (Rockman DASH 2 Episode 2 ending theme)
  9. Negai ga Kanau Basho (Rockman DASH 2 Episode 2 commercial theme)
  10. Monkey (Rockman X5 opening and commercial theme)
  11. Mizu no Naka (Rockman X5 ending theme)