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Rockman Tennis (ロックマンテニス?) is a sports game released in 2007 exclusively for Japanese mobile phones via the I-mode Internet service. So far, Capcom has made no plans to release the game outside of Japan.

Rockman Tennis features Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll, Cut Man, Wood Man, Shadow Man, and Mega Man X as playable characters, each character with a special move. The game features a League Battle Mode, Free Battle mode, and also a shop where players can purchase upgrades from Auto which increase their power and speed. There are four cups: Light Cup, Cossack Cup, Wily Cup, and Ex Cup.



携帯アプリ ロックマンテニス - ロックマン VS

携帯アプリ ロックマンテニス - ロックマン VS. エックス

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