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Cover of Rockman Maniax.

Rockman Maniax (ロックマンマニアックス Rokkuman Maniakkusu?) is series of short, comical stories by Hitoshi Ariga that were originally published in Comic Bom Bom between 1997-1998, and some of the stories were re-released in the 2003 releases of the Rockman Megamix manga. In July 11, 2011 a 420-page compilation of the Rockman Maniax stories was published. The compilation also includes the stories from Rockman Remix, the Rockman 9 Arrange Soundtrack manga, character profiles from the manga and extras. The compilation was re-released in 2015 with more content, separated in two volumes.

Release Information

Rockman Maniax
PublisherBN Comics Release dateJuly 11, 2011
CountryJapan ISBN
Contents Several
"New Edition Rockman Maniax - Top: Early Works & 4 Koma Ed."
(新装版 ロックマンマニアックス 上 初期作品&4コマ編
Shinsō-ban Rokkuman Maniakkusu-jō Shoki Sakuhin & 4koma-hen)
PublisherFukkan Release date2015
CountryJapan ISBN
Contents Rockman Maniax vol. 0 to 10 plus extra edition, short comics, Rockman's Soccer comics, Rockman World 1-5 comics, other short comics and one-shots, talk with A.K. (Akira Kitamura), and more.
"New Edition Rockman Maniax - Bottom: Short Stories, Settings, and Talk Ed."
(新装版 ロックマンマニアックス 下 短編・設定&対談編
Shinsō-ban Rokkuman Maniakkusu-ka Tanpen Settei & Taidan-hen)
PublisherFukkan Release date2015
CountryJapan ISBN
Contents Several


Below are some of the Rockman Maniax stories.

  • Talk with Guest Characters: Hitoshi Ariga talks with the manga characters.
  • Dr. Wily's Animal Kingdom: Dr. Wily introduces animal robots.
  • This Month's Justice: Short stories with Duo talking with a Robot Master, which ends with Duo thinking they are doing something wrong and punishing them. For instance, when he was going to shake hands with Sword Man, Sword Man accidentally uses the arm with his sword, and Duo throws him far away with an uppercut, leaving his legs behind.
  • Dr. Rightot's Laboratory: Rightot (Auto) tries to create one robot in each story, some of then being Bikkuri Man (Surprise Man), Shake Man, Massage Man, TV Man, Sexy Man, Suika Man (Watermelon Man) and Giga Rightot (Giga Auto), but they don't work well and accidentally hurt Dr. Light when they explode in the end.


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