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Rockman Holic

Rockman Holic ~The 25th Anniversary~ is a soundtrack produced by SOUND HOLIC released on December 19, 2012, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Mega Man franchise. For a limited time it will include a Rockman ×over serial code for the Special Battle Memory "Zero".

Track list

01GAME START Rockman 2:
Opening / Title / Stage Select /
Game Start / Metal Man Stage /
Staff Roll
Arrange: MasKaleido
02X-Buster Rockman X5:
X vs Zero / Zero Stage 1 / Opening Theme
Lyrics: Blue E
Rap Lyrics: ナノ
Arrange: 8STYLE
Melody Arrange: Nana Takahashi
Guitar: Sub.T
03Shooting Star Rockman 10:
Nitro Rider (Nitro Man Stage)
Vocal: anporin
Lyrics: Blue E
Arrange: MasKaleido
Guitar: Josh

("Twilight Loneliness")
Rockman 5:
Darkman Stage
Vocal and Arrange: 709sec.
Lyrics: Blue E
Guitar: Josh
05NAPALM JAZZRockman 5:
Napalm Man Stage
Vocal: A~YA
Lyrics: Blue E
Arrange: 709sec.
Guitar: Josh
06BLIZZARDRockman 6:
Blizzardman Stage
Arrange and Guitar: 8STYLE
07We're The Robots Rockman 9:
We're the Robots (Dr. Wily Stage 2)
Vocal: aki
Lyrics and Arrange: 隣人 (CYTOKINE)
Guitar: Josh
GALAXY FANTASY (Galaxy Man Stage)
Vocal: ゴム
Lyrics: Blue E
Arrange: 709sec.

("Cut Man Blues")
Cut Man Stage
Vocal: 野沢雅子
Lyrics: Blue E
Arrange: 709sec.
Piano: panoman
Guitar: Josh
10Dr.Wily Numbers 022 Rockman 3:
Title / Snake Man Stage /
Boss / Get a Weapon
Arrange: 隣人 (CYTOKINE)
11Flash in the Dark Rockman 9:
Flash in the Dark (Dr. Wily Stage 1)
Vocal: 森田成一
Chorus: 709sec.
Lyrics: Blue E
Arrange and Guitar: Josh
Melody Arrange: Nana Takahashi
Programming: 8STYLE
12Together As One Rockman 2:
Dr. Wily Stage 1
Vocal and Lyrics: ナノ
Arrange: 709sec.
Guitar: Josh
13THE LAST BATTLE Rockman 5:
Dr. Wily Stage / Last Boss
Arrange: zikee
14エアーマンが倒せない (SOUND HOLIC Ver.) Air Man ga Taosenai arrange Vocal: 花たん
Lyrics: せら、たかにそ
Compose: せら
Arrange: MasKaleido
Guitar: Josh

("The Sun Always Beside You")
Rockman X3:
Ending / Cast Roll
Vocal: 岸尾だいすけ
Chorus: 709sec.
Lyrics and Arrange: Nana Takahashi
Organ: panoman
Guitar: Josh
16RELOADEDSOUND HOLIC original Vocal and Lyrics: Nana Takahashi
Rap: 709sec.
Compose: GUCCI
Arrange: SHU
Guitar: Josh



【ロックマン】ROCKMAN HOLIC 『X-Buster』 PV 【SOUND HOLIC】-102:24


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