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Card no. 85

Rockman (ロックマン) is a series of Mega Man Carddass released by Bandai in Japan from 1992 to 1995.

Card list

Each series contains 42 cards, the first six cards of each series being foil cards.

Cards with their names in italic means they are not named in the front side of the card.

Series 1

The first series of Rockman Carddass is based on Mega Man 4, and also has eight cards from Mega Man 3.

2Rockman (New Rock Buster)1000
3Rockman 4---
4Rockman vs. Dr. Wily---
5Dust Man Pharaoh Man Toad Man Ring Man1180
6Dive Man Skull Man Bright Man Drill Man1100
8Rockman (Skull Barrier)260
9Rockman (Pharaoh Shot)310
10Rockman (Drill Bomb)270
11Rockman (Rain Flush)280
12Rockman (Dust Crusher)270
13Rockman (Flash Stopper)300
14Rockman (Dive Missile)290
15Rockman (Ring Boomerang)300
16Skull Man270
17Pharaoh Man300
18Drill Man290
19Toad Man270
20Dust Man300
21Bright Man280
22Dive Man260
23Ring Man310
24Needle Man210
25Magnet Man170
26Gemini Man200
27Hard Man190
28Top Man160
29Snake Man220
30Spark Man180
31Shadow Man230
32"vs. Kabatoncue"---
33"vs. Moby"---
34"vs. Skeleton Joe"---
36Rockman (Wire)+100
37Rockman (Balloon)+100
38Dr. Cossack900
39Cossack Catcher1800
40Nazo no Sentou Machine2000
42Rockman & Eddie & Rush600

Series 2

The second series is based on the games Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Rockman World) and Mega Man II (Rockman World 2).

43Rockman & Blues2200
44Rockman vs. Yellow Devil---
45Rockman vs. Mecha Dragon---
46Rockman vs. Holograph Rockmans---
47Rockman vs. Enker---
48Rockman vs. Quint---
49Rockman (Fire Storm)190
50Rockman (Ice Slasher)180
51Rockman (Hyper Bomb)200
52Rockman (Thunder Beam)170
53Rockman (Rolling Cutter)160
54Rockman (Super Arm)150
55Rockman (Air Shooter)270
56Rockman (Quick Boomerang)230
57Rockman (Bubble Lead)240
58Rockman (Metal Blade)280
59Rockman (Atomic Fire)210
60Rockman (Clash Bomb)250
61Rockman (Leaf Shield)260
62Rockman (Time Stopper)200
63Rockman (Hard Knuckle)210
64Rockman (Magnet Missile)190
65Rockman (Top Spin)230
66Rockman (Needle Cannon)220
67Fire Man180
68Ice Man170
69Bomb Man190
70Elec Man160
71Cut Man150
72Guts Man200
73Air Man260
74Quick Man200
75Bubble Man230
76Metal Man250
77Heat Man240
78Clash Man270
79Wood Man210
80Flash Man280
83Dr. Right & Roll-chanX2
84All Together---

Series 3

The third series is mainly based on Mega Man 5, and also includes some pictures from Mega Man III and Wily & Right's RockBoard: That's Paradise.

Notes: Wily Machine (ワイリーマシン) is written as "ワイリーマシーン" in cards 87 and 118. Cards 107 and 115 are misspelled as "Metall K-100" and "Big Bets". Card 121 is actually the "New Rush Coil" from Mega Man 5.

85Rockman & Blues2500
86Rockman (Super Rock Buster)1700
87Rockman vs. Wily Machine 5---
88Gravity Man Stone Man Wave Man Gyro Man1560
89Crystal Man Star Man Napalm Man Charge Man1600
90Rockman 5---
91Rockman (Gyro Attack)370
92Rockman (Crystal Eye)400
93Rockman (Napalm Bomb)420
94Rockman (Power Stone)440
95Rockman (Charge Kick)410
96Rockman (Water Wave)390
97Rockman (Star Crash)350
98Rockman (Gravity Hold)350
99Crystal Man370
100Napalm Man400
101Stone Man420
102Charge Man440
103Wave Man410
104Star Man390
105Gravity Man350
106Gyro Man380
107Metall K-1000160
108Crystal Joe180
109Apache Joe260
110Rider Joe220
111Power Muscler290
112Octoper OA250
115Big Pets1100
116Circring Q91500
117Wily Press2400
118Wily Machine 53500
119Wily Capsule II3200
121Rush Coil+100
122Rockman (Super Arrow)+100
123Rockman World 3---

Series 4

The fourth series is based on Mega Man 6 and Mega Man IV.

128Yamato Man Wind Man Knight Man Plant Man2140
129Centaur Man Blizzard Man Flame Man Tomahawk Man2200
130Rockman vs. Ballade---
131Rockman vs. Wily Machine 6---
132Rockman 6---
133Rockman (Blizzard Attack)480
134Rockman (Centaur Flash)500
135Rockman (Flame Blast)540
136Rockman (Knight Crush)460
137Rockman (Plant Barrier)580
138Rockman (Silver Tomahawk)600
139Rockman (Wind Storm)520
140Rockman (Yamato Spear)560
141Blizzard Man540
142Centaur Man460
143Flame Man520
144Knight Man560
145Plant Man480
146Tomahawk Man580
147Wind Man500
148Yamato Man600
149X Crusher3600
150Wily Machine 64000
151Power Rockman+500
152Jet Rockman+500
153Mr. X-300
154Rockman vs. Blizzard Man---
155Rockman vs. Centaur Man---
156Rockman vs. Flame Man---
157Rockman vs. Knight Man---
158Rockman vs. Plant Man---
159Rockman vs. Tomahawk Man---
160Rockman vs. Wind Man---
161Rockman vs. Yamato Man---
162Gaman and Gamadayu500
164Bright Man Toad Man Pharaoh Man Ring Man1160
165Stone Man Charge Man Napalm Man Crystal Man1630
167Rockman Rush Eddie Beatx2
168Rockman & Blues2500

Series 5

This card series is based on the Game Boy game Mega Man V.

Note: The Brain Crusher is called Wily Machine in card 204.

170Mercury Venus Mars Neptune2640
171Jupiter Saturn Uranus Pluto2880
172Rockman vs. Sungod---
173Earth & Sungod6800
174Rockman World 5---
176Rockman (Salt Water)620
177Rockman (Photon Missile)640
178Rockman (Bubble Bomb)600
179Rockman (Snatch Buster)720
180Rockman (Deep Digger)760
181Rockman (Black Hole)700
182Rockman (Electric Shock)680
183Rockman (Break Dash)740
194Rockman vs. Neptune---
195Rockman vs. Mars---
196Rockman vs. Venus---
197Rockman vs. Mercury---
198Rockman vs. Uranus---
199Rockman vs. Saturn---
200Rockman vs. Jupiter---
201Rockman vs. Pluto---
202Rockman vs. Earth---
203Enker Quint Punk Ballade4800
204Wily Machine5000
205Dark Moon580
208Rush Space+500
210Rockman Familyx2

Series 6

The last Rockman series of Carddass is based on Mega Man 7. The front of the cards don't follow the numbering of previous series, going from 1 to 42, but the numbering continues in the cards back. Cards 212 and 213 form a panorama when placed together.

212Cloud Man Junk Man Turbo Man Slash Man5400
213Burst Man Shade Man Spring Man Freeze Man6200
214Rockman vs. Forte---
215Rockman vs. Wily Machine 7---
216Rockman 7---
217Rockman (Wild Coil)1600
218Rockman (Thunder Strike)1200
219Rockman (Junk Shield)1800
220Rockman (Burning Wheel)1400
221Rockman (Freeze Cracker)1500
222Rockman (Slash Claw)1500
223Rockman (Danger Wrap)1100
224Rockman (Crash Noise)1700
225Spring Man1500
226Cloud Man1100
227Junk Man1200
228Turbo Man1700
229Freeze Man1300
230Slash Man1400
231Burst Man1800
232Shade Man1600
233Forte & Gospel6800
234Dr. WilyWily Mecha +100
235Rockman vs. Springman---
236Rockman vs. Cloudman---
237Rockman vs. Junkman---
238Rockman vs. Turboman---
239Rockman vs. Freeze Man---
240Rockman vs. Slash Man---
241Rockman vs. Burst Man---
242Rockman vs. Shade Man---
243Super Rockman (Booster Jump)Rockman +200
244Super Rockman (Rocket Buster)Rockman +200
245Dr. Right, Roll-chan, RightotRockman +200
246RushRockman +200
247Rush, Eddie, BeatRockman x2
250Rockman & BeatRockman +200
252Rockman 7---

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