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Rockman 8 Original Soundtrack (ロックマン8 オリジナルサウンドトラック) is the soundtrack album from the PlayStation version of the game Mega Man 8. It was released by TEAM Entertainment in November 21, 2007 in Japan.

Rockman8 OST CDCover

Soundtrack cover

Track listEdit

  1. Title Screen
  2. Stage Select
  3. Laboratory
  4. Post Stage Selection Boss Introduction
  5. Opening Stage Above Ground
  6. Opening Stage Underground
  7. Ice Stage
  8. Amusement Park Stage
  9. Sky Stage
  10. Base Stage
  11. Midway Stage Duo Battle
  12. Ruins Stage
  13. Underwater Stage
  14. Alternate Dimension Stage
  15. Forest Stage
  16. Mid Boss Battle
  17. Big Boss Battle
  18. Big Boss Introduction
  19. Big Boss Battle Victory
  20. Get Weapon
  21. Post Wily Stage Selection Map Demo
  22. Wily Stage 1
  23. Wily Stage 2
  24. Wily Stage 3
  25. Wily Stage 4
  26. Forte Battle
  27. Wily
  28. Wily Second Form
  29. Wily Third Form Appearance
  30. Wily Third Form
  31. Staff Roll
  32. Earth
  33. VS Forte
  34. Time of Awakening
  35. Revived Memories
  36. Wily Castle Found
  37. VS Gorilla
  38. Wily's World Domination Declaration
  39. Rockman in Danger
  40. Duo Appearance
  41. Reminiscence
  42. Still Life
  43. Blues


  • The PlayStation version of the game is used, thus none of the tracks exclusive to the Saturn version appear
  • The following recording errors are present on this release
    • Track 7 loops all the way back to the start instead of after the intro as it does normally
    • Track 15 loops after the intro instead of all the way back to the start as it does normally
  • All of these errors are addressed in re-recorded versions made for the Rockcan Sound E Can released five years later, in addition to sporting track names in-line with the series' other entries

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