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Rockman 7 Original Soundtrack (ロックマン7 オリジナルサウンドトラック?) is the soundtrack album from the game Mega Man 7. It was released by TEAM Entertainment in November 21, 2007 in Japan.

Rockman7 OST CDCover

Soundtrack cover

Track list

  1. Title
  2. Opening Demo 1
  3. Opening Demo 2
  4. Opening Stage
  5. Stage Select
  6. Freezeman
  7. Cloudman
  8. Junkman
  9. Burstman
  10. Museum
  11. Springman
  12. Slashman
  13. Turboman
  14. Shademan
  15. Wily Stage Map
  16. Wily Stage 1
  17. Wily Stage 2
  18. Wily Stage 3
  19. Wily Stage 4
  20. Boss Introduction
  21. 8 Big Boss
  22. Wily Stage Boss
  23. Wily Final Form
  24. Theme of Forte
  25. Message (Joyful)
  26. Message (Sad)
  27. Continue & Password
  28. Get Weapon
  29. Stage Clear
  30. All Stages Clear
  31. Ending & Staff Roll
  32. Big Eddie
  33. Helmet
  34. Blues' Whistle
  35. Alarm
  36. Shademan Introduction (Alternative)
  37. Shademan Stage (Alternative)


  • The following recording errors are present on this release
    • Tracks 2, 3, 25 and 26 leave in all the sound effects heard during these sequences
    • Track 4 loops back to the start prematurely, leaving the final section of the track completely unheard
    • Track 6 contains a sound effect towards the start
    • Track 17 cuts out a quarter of both the lead-in and the intro sections
    • Track 22 leaves in the "thud" sound effect from the bosses in Wily Stages 1 and 2
    • Track 23 leaves in the "ching" and "life bar fill" sound effects heard in-game
    • Track 24 leaves in the "teleporting in" sound effect
  • All of these errors are addressed in re-recorded versions made for the Rockcan Sound E Can released five years later, in addition to sporting track names in-line with the series' other entries

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