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Please note that this is an article about a FAN-MADE MEDIA, and is neither licensed nor endorsed by Capcom, and is not canon.
Rockman 7 Famicom
RM7FC Title
Rockman 7 FC's title screen.

Rockman 7 Famicom (ロックマン7: 宿命の対決 ファミコン) is an unofficial fan-made project that takes Mega Man 7 and turns it into an 8-bit NES-style game. The project first became available on March 9, 2007 and was finished on July 30, 2008. The game features remade 8-bit NSF-style music (created with pxtone) and the design of sprites and the landscape has been converted from 16-bit to 8-bit, but the layout and shape of the landscape is the same from the original version.

As the game is a remake of "Rockman 7" rather than "Mega Man 7," most of the characters' dialogue and some cutscenes are in Japanese. Luckily, the select screen, password screen, and a few more are still English. Also, when you reach the screen that explains a new weapon, the name of it is spelled in English, but it is translated directly from Japanese (So "Scorch Wheel" would be named "Burning Wheel" instead).

Notable Differences

  • The intro stage, the Robot Museum stage, and Auto's shop were cut from the game. Due to this, bolts and screws are not found anywhere in the game. Strangely, there are parts in the landscape that are supposed to hold screws, but they still appear, even due to the absence, making them look pointless.
  • In the regular Mega Man 7 game, Robot Masters flinch and the reactions of their weaknesses and some other attacks are more exaggerated. However, in this remake, to make it seem more like the past games, this exaggeration is taken off, making the fights more difficult.
  • All eight Robot Masters stages are available at the start if the game, rather than the four-four split in the original.
  • Bass is not seen at all until the Wily Stages, despite the fact that he still destroys Dr. Light's Lab.
  • The password screen, instead of the digit-code system, is replaced by the dotted-code system, and it is expanded to an abnormal 8-by-8 grid. Also, as a reference to the secret password held at the end of the credits, they also have one, but since it takes up the whole screen, it is much more visible. Also, it gives a much larger advantage: it warps the player to the last stage with 4 of each tank (except the M-tank) and it gives the player all the weapons and all the Rush plates.
  • In the weapon screen, instead of a description of how the weapon works, it shows a demonstration instead, and it goes down to the most critical details, including the Freeze Cracker's multidirectional shots, and the Wild Coil's charge shot.
  • Shade Man now recovers as much life as he can drain from Mega Man and swoops faster.
  • The Wild Coil's palette is orange-light green when it would be normally pink-light green. However, this may be due to color limitations.
  • Turbo Man never makes the sound of his motor turning on and instead always making the screeching noise, forcing the player to do a leap of faith to avoid his Crash Drive.
  • Slash Man's body is green instead of cyan. However, this may be due to color limitations.
  • Multiple empty rooms originally used as checkpoints in the original Mega Man 7 now has Eddie dropping in with an item, effectively filling empty space.
  • Freeze Man will no longer taunt Mega Man during any of the fights.


Robot Masters

Model No. Sprite Name Weapon Weakness
DWN. 049 FreezeMan8bit Freeze Man

Freeze Cracker

Junk Shield / Burning Wheel
DWN. 050 JunkMan8bit Junk Man Junk Shield Thunder Strike
DWN. 051 BurstMan8bit Burst Man Danger Wrap Burning Wheel / Freeze Cracker
DWN. 052 CloudMan8bit Cloud Man Thunder Strike Danger Wrap
DWN. 053 SpringMan8bit Spring Man Wild Coil Slash Claw
DWN. 054 SlashMan8bit Slash Man Slash Claw Freeze Cracker / Burning Wheel
DWN. 055 ShadeMan8bit Shade Man Crush Noise Wild Coil
DWN. 056 TurboMan8bitCrashDrive8bit Turbo Man Burning Wheel Crush Noise

Other Bosses

Model No. Sprite Name
SWN. 001 ForteRM7FC Bass/Forte


Weapon Gallery

Weapon Sprite

Freeze Cracker

Freeze cracker

Junk Shield

Junk shield

Danger Wrap

Danger wrap

Thunder Strike

Thunder strike

Wild Coil

Wild coil

Slash Claw

Slash claw

Crush Noise

Crush noise

Burning Wheel

Burning wheel


  • Despite the fact that the intro stage and Robot Museum stages were removed, 8-bit versions of those songs could still be found on the official site, hinting that those stages were originally going to be present at one point.
  • Although Auto's shop was removed, Auto himself still made a cameo appearance during the cutscene that took place after Bass wrecked Dr. Light's Laboratory.
  • Rockman 7 FC is almost entirely customizable; players are able to edit, replace, or remove sprites as they please. However, if the players choose to customize the game, they are confined to certain limitations like size and color.
  • Although sprites of Bass in Shade Man's stage can be found in the game's archives, Bass does not appear in Shade Man's stage or the rest of the game until the Wily stages.
  • Sprites of Guts Man being taken by Wily can be found in the games archives, though the sprites never appear in-game.
  • There are two songs from Slash Man's stage in the game files. One is the music used in the game, while the other (named "slash_34") is a version of Plant Man's theme.

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