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The Rimblemenji (リンブルメンジ Rinburumenji) is a blob-like Reaverbot boss who is the guardian of the Calinca Ruins, and is also found on Elysium. Notable facts about this guardian is that it is initially harmless, only confronting Mega Man Volnutt as he leaves with the last key. It has the ability to recover.

Its attacks are:

  • Chase Mega Man throughout the area.
  • Rises up and expands itself in all directions.
  • Conjure up icy platforms, make the floor glow, which will give Mega Man Ice Status and affect his Speed (unless equipped with the Asbestos Shoes), hurl blobs at a faster rate than Mega Man and recover health throughout this attack.
  • When it has about 25% of its life left, it'll start chasing Mega Man even faster than usual and it cannot be harmed in this condition (and its core has turned reddish). After some time it'll wear down, giving Mega Man a chance to damage it, then start up again repeating the process if it is not defeated.
  • When it corners Mega Man in one of the two doors, it'll turn its core around and fire a barrage of small blobs in Mega Man's direction. It will do this attack everytime it has Mega Man pinned on a wall, even when invulnerable.


  • The name Rimblemenji (Rinburumenji) is probably derived from the Japanese words "jin", "meru" and "bunri" written backwards. Respectively, the words can be translated as "exhaust", "decrease" and "separation".
  • Rimblemenji's appearance and attack method are reminiscent to the Devil series of robots.