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Rich Dotcom, known as Gori Monjirō (五里門次郎 Gori Monjirō) in Japan, and Yeti (イエティ Ieti) are antagonists introduced during the events of the second Mega Man Star Force game and the second season of the anime.

Game HistoryEdit

MegaMan Star Force 2Edit

In the game, Rich is a mafia boss and is often seen with a veritable army of female assistants. He can EM Wave Change with the UMA Yeti and become Yeti Blizzard (イエティ・ブリザード Ieti Burizādo), a wave being that resembles an Abominable Snowman. He tries to buy the Grizzly Peak resort, and when that fails, he sabotages the mountain's weather system in an attempt to drive its visitors away.

The blizzard that Rich creates ends up trapping Bud Bison and Amy Gelande atop the mountain, but Mega Man defeats him, stopping the blizzard in addition to rescuing Bud and Amy. He tries to have Hyde aid him in a rematch against Mega Man, but Hyde abandons him, citing that rescue workers are going to be approaching soon, meaning that he can't risk being caught with him. When Dotcom calls Hyde a traitor, Hyde also denies being a traitor as he reminds him that they were only involved for business and weren't actually friends in the first place. Later, he can be found at the IFL tower, where there he has a side quest which has him arrested by Bob Copper.

Anime HistoryEdit

Shooting Star Rockman TribeEdit

In the anime, Rich first appears in an attack on a museum to steal the Sword of Berserk as Yeti Blizzard, but loses his prize to Mega Man. He is not above bribing or threatening people in order to get what he wants, though Yeti often admonishes him for not using his brain enough. The pair eventually do manage to steal the Saurian OOPArt from the Dombler Lake after manipulating Plesio Surf into distracting Mega Man and Lyra Note.

Dr. Vega bribes both Rich and his rival, Dark Phantom, into accompanying her to Mu, yet the two escape when the tables begin to turn in Mega Man's favor. He is currently at large.