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RTRZ-Mythos CDCover

CD Box art

Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero μῦθος (リマスタートラック ロックマンゼロ・ミュトス) is a compilation released in honor of Rockman Zero Collection. Most of the songs are remixes of songs from the other games. It was released by Inti Creates in June 10, 2010 in Japan. Unlike most of the previous albums, Mythos does not contain any drama tracks.

Track list

  1. Final Match
  2. Departure -Mythos Ver.-
  3. Esperanto -Mythos Ver.-
  4. Sand Triangle -Mythos Ver.-
  5. Resistance -Mythos Ver.-
  6. Neo Arcadia -Mythos Ver.-
  7. Enemy Hall -Mythos Ver.-
  8. Hell's Gate Open -Mythos Ver.-
  9. Silver Wolf -Mythos Ver.-
  10. Straight Ahead -Mythos Ver.-
  11. I, 0 Your Fellow -Interlude-
  12. Everlasting
  13. Area of Zero -Mythos Ver.-
  14. (Bonus track) Cannon Ball -Mythos Version-

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