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Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero: Idea is a soundtrack album which contains remixed game tracks from Mega Man Zero 2, as well as some remixes of extra tracks not included in the game. The tracks were composed and remixed by Ippo Yamada, Luna Umegaki, Masaki Suzuki, Chicken Mob, and Tsutomu Kurihara. The two-disc album was published by Inti Creates on May 28, 2004 and contains 40 tracks, four of which being EX tracks.

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. Title II
  2. For Endless Fight II
  3. Departure
  4. Crash II
  5. Result of Mission II
  6. X, The Legend
  7. Resistance Force
  8. Momentary Peace
  9. Labo
  10. Red Time - 2 Player Edit -
  11. Instructions
  12. Sand Triangle
  13. Strong Will
  14. Imminent Storm - Uneasy Arrange -
  15. Ice Brain
  16. Gravity
  17. Platinum
  18. Mark of Justice - Resistance Anthem - (EX Track)
  19. Neo Arcadia II
  20. Power Bom
  21. Uneasy
  22. Spreading Darkness

Disc Two

  1. L'oiseau du bonheur (EX Track)
  2. Cool Water
  3. Passionate
  4. Flash Back
  5. Combustion
  6. Melt Down
  7. Cool Hearted Fellow
  8. The Cloudy Stone
  9. Harpuia
  10. The End of Legend
  11. Silver Wolf - Yggr-drasill -
  12. Supreme Ruler
  13. Darkelf
  14. The Last - The Wish Punished -
  15. In Mother's Light
  16. Awakening Will
  17. Red Time (EX Track)
  18. Clover (EX Track)

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