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Rasetsusen (螺刹旋? lit. "Swirling Temple Spin") is the technique Zero and Layer obtain after defeating Dark Mantis in Mega Man X8. Zero performs an airborne Darkness-Element spinning slash attack where he as opposed to somersaulting forward as per many variations of the attack, instead somersaults backward. The attack can be directioned downward and diagonally down, though if no button is pressed, the user will stay in the air for a short period before moving down.

This technique is Gravity Antonion and Copy Sigma's primary weakness. It can be used to destroy the cubes summoned by the Maverick using his own Squeeze Bomb attack except for those used in his Overdrive Attack.

The name of this move is oddly used for an unrelated midair command normal in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, where Zero kicks forward with his following leg in a turn in midair.


If the player press the down button while holding the up button, the user will move straight up instead of going down, making it possible to reach high areas and even go out of the stage's limits. The glitch can be used with any weapon and Senpūkyaku, and can also move diagonally up.



  • The name of the attack can also be alternatively read due to Japanese homophones, as "Rakshasa Flash".
  • Unlike Shadow Runner and Black Arrow, Rasetsusen does not have any shadowy/darkness visuals. Its element as a darkness based attack likely stems from its brutal nature given by its alternative namesake, being the name of a vicious kind of East Asian (specifically Indian and Japanese Buddhist) demon. However, Rasetsusen is possibly based of Dark Mantis's Overdrive attack.

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