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Randam Bandam (ランダム・バンダム Randamu Bandamu) is the boss of the Neo Arcadia's Teleporter Base in Mega Man Zero 4. It guards the Teleporter Base, and Zero has to fight it after disabling the base's initial protection systems. Randam Bandam has no real intelligence other than attack its perceived enemy, but has a peculiar cackle it constantly lets off.

It comes out from the center of the room's wall and shoots in various directions or bounces throughout the room. The wall has several blasters of different types hidden in its panels.


  • Randam Sparks: It fires a spray of red, star-shaped bullets around the room.
  • Randam Bounce/Retreat: It rebounds off the walls in a figure-eight pattern, then retreats behind the wall with a snide robotic laugh.
  • After Randam Bandam retreats, It performs one of two attacks, utilizing the wall panels while completely shielded from harm:
    • Randam Shots: Each wall panel turns around in a snake-like manner to reveal blue gun turrets that all shoot a single bullet homed in on Zero. One Z-Saber swipe destroys any of them.
    • Randam Laser: Various wall panels randomly flash like a roulette until a marker stops on one, which turns around and reveals a red turret that fires six lasers across the room in hexagonal directions unless destroyed before its opening time. This happens three times, each round a little faster than before.
  • EX Skill: Randam Projectiles: Randam Bandam's side turrets light up and fire a pair of circling energy ball projectiles in all four directions, each ricocheting off into two bunches of energy balls, one red and one blue. The attack is launched five times across the room in a distinct pattern: down, left and right, up, left and right again, and finally, down again.


Randam Bandam
Random Bandam-No hit,No Charge

Random Bandam-No hit,No Charge


  • This battle allows Zero to make good use of the Tractor Shot -- one of its attacks involves firing numerous bullets at Zero. The Tractor Shot will be fully charged by the time the attack finishes, and hitting Randam Bandam with the shot will deplete 1/4 of its energy.
  • This is one of only two bosses in the Mega Man series where the boss battle happens in the same area where the level begins, the other being the Copy Sigma in Mega Man X8.
  • Its name, as well as some of its attack, bear a resemblance to Rangda Bangda.
  • Randam Bandam features the only English voice-acting in the entire Mega Man Zero series. Before battle, it says "ALERT. ALERT. ELIMINATING PROGRAM START. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..."