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Ragnarok Record are a series of drama tracks for Mega Man Zero 4, included in Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Physis. Unlike the previous Telos entries, which expanded on things that were only alluded to in-game, Ragnarok Record are dramatized accounts of scenes directly from within the game, including the prologue, Neige's rescue, the fight against Craft on Ragnarok's control room, and the final fight with Dr. Weil up to his completely merging with Ragnarok.

Ragnarok Record: Prologue: Gjallarhorn

Ragnarok Record: At Prison: Valhol

Ragnarok Record: At Control Room: Laevatein

Ragnarok Record: Final Battle: Ragnarok

Dr. Weil: Kuuukuku... Welcome... to the seats in the front row for the show of destruction!

Zero: That you...Dr. Vile? As you have survived the attack of Ragnarok!

Dr. Weil: Can survive? Not... simply and not I could die

Zero: How do?

Dr. Weil: The control of the Repliroids and end of the irregular due to the Dark Elf... I.e., the war known as Elf Wars that I raise. When I just war, the humans of that time changed my body turned all my memories into program data along with my ancianon body, and this armor with recuperative properties know it means that...? Although they pass the years, although damage, this armor I recover instantly... After the war... without light, without nature, in an empty world, even was I allowed to die... Damned for all eternity to continue living in suffering... Humans I exiled from Neo Arcadia!

Zero: Why can you machine this stupid plan? For revenge of the humans?

Dr. Weil: FUHUHAHAHAHA! It is not a revenge! I am creating the world humans and Repliroids deserve! Control to the Repliroids already is irrelevant! Destroy the humans is a suffering instant... Without letting them live... without letting them die... eternally baj my yoke! Les hare walk on a history of suffering without end!

(Sounds of electricity buzzing, as well as the core separating and merging with Weil)

Dr. Weil: FUHAHAHA! Let me teach it yourself! That stupid have no place where to flee! The herd of faiths not having another place to live! While have Ragnarok in my hands!

Zero: Are those your ideals...?

Dr. Weil: Are ideal! Do not say nonsense!

Dr. Weil: HAHAHAHA Fall into despair! Storm Sear!/Fall into despair! Tremble in terror!

Dr. Weil: HAHAHAHA Misery!

(Zero yells and strikes Weil)

Dr. Weil: servants!

Dr. Weil: Give me energy!

(Zero yells and lands a decisive blow against Weil)

Dr. Weil: Uwaaa..! ….. not fit expected less... 'Hero'...!

Zero: Ku! Ragnarok never stops!

Ciel: Zero! Already this to the limit! The speed of descent you can not transport you to the surface! Please! Back already!


Dr. Weil: Not yet! Yet it's over...!

Dr. Weil: No morire! For this alone I won't die!

Zero: Vile...!

Dr. Weil: HEHEHEHEH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA There is nothing to do... because no one can stop the Ragnarok!

Ceil: Ze-Zero! Please again already! Fast!

Zero: No... There is still a choice... If I destroy the nucleus along with Vile, Ragnarok collapsed if it is destroyed into pieces, into the atmosphere will reduce to ashes!

Ceil: But...Zero! If you did that... your...!

Dr. Weil: Kuhahahaha! You will be able to! Those pretensions of yours! You, the hero of the Repliroids! Ally of Justice! Protector of mankind! To save humans from the surface... to my... You want to beat me, one of the h8umanos that you must protect me!

(Weil starts grunting in pain)

Dr. Weil: (in agonized breaths) You think this pain! Are you able to understand it?

Zero: I am... not the ally of Justice... nor remember having me call hero ever... I simply fight for the people that I'm not going to doubt... If before my appear an enemy..... .acabare with the!

Ceil: Zero...! Zero...!

Zero: …Ciel... have faith in my!

Ceil: ZERO-!

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