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Quick Boomerang
Mega Man using Quick Boomerang.
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Quick Boomerang (クイックブーメラン Kuikku Būmeran?) is Quick Man's special weapon. It's a small boomerang-shaped cutter that can be fired rapidly and has short range. Mega Man can fire a couple of boomerangs with a small amount of energy. They are extremely useful against the first three Wily's Castle bosses. Although immune to the Quick Boomerang, Quick Man will immediately stop what he's doing and will be stunned momentarily when hit with his own weapon.

In the original Mega Man 2 game, the Quick Boomerang damaged every normal enemy in the game, including enemies that were normally supposed to be immune to all weapons such as the Big Fish in the third Wily stage. This was fixed in future remakes such as Mega Man: The Wily Wars.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 2.

Quickboomerangicon Quick Boomerang (Q)
Boss Damage
Normal Difficult
Metal Man 8 4
Air Man 4 2
Bubble Man 4 2
Quick Man 0 0
Crash Man 2 1
Flash Man 0 0
Heat Man 4 2
Wood Man 0 0
Mecha Dragon 2 1
Picopico-kun 1 1
Guts-Dozer 4 2
Boobeam Trap 0 0
Wily Machine No. 2: 1st Phase 0 0
Wily Machine No. 2: 2nd Phase 2 1
Alien + +
*Any data with a "+" represents the weapon actually restoring the boss's health.

Bosses Weak Against Quick Boomerang

Bosses Immune To Quick Boomerang

Other media

Mega Man getting Quick Boomerang in the cartoon show
RingManXAdded by RingManX


Mega Man uses the Quick Boomerang to escape from Dark Man's electromagnetic net in the episode The Day The Moon Fell from the Mega Man animated series. In the cartoon, its design has three boomerangs held in the firing mechanism. In the episode Robo-Spider it has the same design as Robo-Spider's web.

Quick Man's version is different from that in the game.  He has two different boomerangs - the one mounted on his helmet, which he throws, and laser boomerangs shot from a pair of launchers on his arm (similar to those found on Magnet Man).


The Quick Boomerang is obtained by Mega Man in the Mega Man comic.



  • Quick Boomerang is spelled "Quick-Boomerang" in the NES version of Mega Man 2 and Mega Man: The Wily Wars.
  • Quick Man was able to destroy Flash Man with the Quick Boomerang in the comics(Mega Man Megamix and Archie Comics) with one hit despite such weapon would not cause any damage to him at all in the actual games.

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