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Red Quailbon

Quailbons (クエルボン Kuerubon?) are three bird-like tanks from Mega Man Legends 2 piloted by Birdbots in the fourth area of Glyde's Base in Calbania Island. Each has a different color details (red, blue and green). They attack by trying to run over enemies, swinging its wings and dropping bombs. If Mega Man Volnutt is in a place they can't reach, they will attack with machine guns.


  • They are similar to the Bonne's Blumebears, but unlike them, there is no difference between the Quailbon's stats.
  • Quailbon was originally planned to be used in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, but wasn't used in the game. In the Tron ni Kobun Treasure-Trove Guide book it is shown alongside other five unused machines with the nickname "Karasu Mecha (Goggles Type)" (カラスメカ (ゴーグルタイプ)?). Quailbon was later used in Mega Man Legends 2 with minor changes to its design.

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