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Concept art of different Preons

Preon (プレオン?) is the most common type of enemy fought on Mega Man X: Command Mission. They appear in almost every area from Giga City and come in a variety of different forms, each with a unique set of attacks and abilities.

List of Preons

Preon Chaser

Preon Chaser (プレオンチェイサー?) is the first type of the Preon series of robots in the game, and are very common. This particular Preon has a stun gun that can temporarily Bind the target, slowing the character.

The message "When you LE gets low, use Triangle to heal with [Sub Tank]" only appear when X is facing the first Preon Chaser that appears in the game and have less than half of its LE MAX. Also in this battle Preon Chaser always start his turn with Stungun.

Preon Bitmaster

Preon Bitmaster (プレオンビットマスタ?) is one of the first enemies encountered in the game that is able to summon other enemies.

It is suggested that one destroys the Bitmaster before going after the Bits, seeing as if the Bits are destroyed, the Bitmaster will just summon more. The Preon Bitmaster only acts when two Bits are present. Run away in his fourth turn onwards.


Bit is a small enemy summoned by Preon Bitmaster. They attack with shots.

Preon Spark

Preon Sparks (プレオンスパーク?) are Thunder-based Preons, as their name implies. Their attacks are Thunder-based and have a chance of inflicting Bind on the target.

This is the only Preon type available in the Deployment Center.

Preon Pod

Preon Pods (プレオンポッド?) are ice-based Preons.

These Preons use an ice cannon that requires charging up before use. Inflict at least 500 damage (accumulated) between Preon Pod's two turns, while it's charging power to prevent its Freeze Shot.

Preon Gunner

Preon Gunner (プレオンガンナー?) is equipped with a machine gun capable of either inflict multiple hits or attacking the entire party. This type of Preon also has a move capable of Binding a character.

There is two Preon Gunner varieties, the one with level 31 being able to use Riot. The locations are:
Preon Gunner(lv.16) = Gaudile Laboratory, Ulfat Factory, Grave Ruins Base.
Preon Gunner(lv.31) = Gaudile Laboratory, Melda Ore Plant, Grave Ruins Base

Preon Elite

Preon Elites (プレオンエリート?) Command a group of Preons and is capable of giving them orders to concentrate attacks on a single unit. The command lasts until the Elite is destroyed, and the other Preons go back to choosing their own targets.

This type is also equipped with a shield, which they can use to block Shot attacks, which it activate randomly. Unlike other Preons with shields, they are the only ones to use Shot Attacks. That is, if one doesn't count Preon S Ferham's Energy Sword attack.

Preon Elites can also give orders to the player's units that have gone Berserk, most likely caused by the Riot attack of Preon Gunners that are always seen with it in Gaudile Laboratory. Run away when alone and low LE.

Preon Nurse

Preon Nurses (プレオンナース?) are able to heal and boost the stats of their allies.

Unlike most Healer type enemies in most games, these units are better left alive, for when they are the only one remaining when it is their turn, they will surrender, heal the entire party with ALL L Gain 25, and on their next turn will flee the battle with a “Thanks” for letting it live. This is a convenient way to regain the health of the player's party for free.

One should destroy it before it runs if he/she is trying to gather the Build LE Item since that's what they have a chance of dropping when defeated in battle. They also may drop the Injector, a Weapon for Cinnamon that oddly have the effect of Virus for a syringe.

Preon Shielder

Preon Shielder (プレオンシールダー?) is another model of Preon with an energy shield.

While it has its shield up, it is weak against combat attacks and strong against shot attacks. Also, shot-based attacks will net the player a counterattack. One can negate the shield by hitting it with a combat attack. If the Preon still has its shield when its next turn comes around, it will shoot it at one of the player's party members.

Preon Soldier

Preon Soldiers (プレオンソルジャー?) are a high defense model capable of parrying a fair amount of attacks. Holds a shield that has a chance to block S-type attacks.

Though they do not do it often, they are also capable of healing themselves.

Preon Tank

Preon Tank (プレオンタンク?) is a type of Preon with capable of using oil on the party.

This attack can temporarily lower the player's resistance against Fire. The Preon also happens to be weak against Fire itself.

The party can win its Oil Can for your own use, which will even reverse someone who normally absorbs Fire and make them vulnerable to it again.

Preon Hybrid

Preon Hybrid, known as "Preon Weird" (プレオンヘンナー Pureon Hennā?) in Japan, is a mix of three different Preons. It has the body of a Preon Spark, the left arm of a Preon Chaser and the right arm of a Preon Shielder. This Preon type is only fought after defeating Mach Jentra in Chapter 5, where it's produced by Duboar, also appear in Eternal Forest. Always starts the battle with the Status Effect "Berserk".

Preon Doc

Preon Doc, short for Preon Doctor (プレオンドクター?), is a type that acts similar to the Preon Nurse. The Preon Docs don't surrender though. This is because, unlike the Nurses, the Docs actually do attack.

Preon Pressure

Preon Pressure is similar to the Preon Pod, except this one uses a hyper gravity weapon.

This attack strikes the entire party, but almost always misses. When it does work, it seems to do about half of the target's LE in damage. Inflict at least 1500 damage (accumulated) between Preon Pressure's two turns, while it's charging power to prevent its Hell Gravity.

Preon S Botos

Preon S Botos uses Bit Shift, gaining helpers in the form of Bigbits. Other than this, they use Mega Fire occasionally and defend often. They, for some reason, never use their swords. They only use Mega Fire or Bit Shift. Even if they're berserk, they only use Mega Fire. Holds a shield that has a chance to block S-type attacks.

Only use Self-Destruct when has at least 1300 LE and there is not at least 1 Bigbit in battle.


Bigbit is a small enemy summoned by Preon S Botos and Decoy Botos. Their attacks cause negative status like bind and virus.

Preon S Ferham

Preon S Ferham can inflict multiple hits with their sabers, and sometimes can wear down the player's units' stats with moves such as Armor Pealer and Power Leak. Holds a shield that has a chance to block S-type attacks.

Unlike the other sword-and-shield Preons, they can use S-Class attacks with Energy Sword, an attack where they fire a green ball of energy from their Saber Arm. They can also use Mega Blizzard since it is considered as a Water-Attributed enemy.

It can drop the Force Metal known as Assassin Mind, which raises the user's Critical Hit ratio.

Preon S Face

Preon S Faces "charge" for one round (when they are "taunting" the player). The more damage they receive, the more damage they will inflict in the next turn they attack. Unlike the others Preons that are equipped with a shield, Preon S Face only block S-type attacks when is activated Damage Charge.

Preon S Epsilon

Preon S Epsilon is a powerful sword-wielding Preon type who has Codebreaker, which is probably its most threatening attack. Holds a shield that has a chance to block S-type attacks.

With the Force Metals known as "DOA Block" or "DOA Protection", the chances of Codebreaker knocking the player out instantly are reduced, even though chances are already low at an estimated 35% hit rate. Better safe than sorry, though.

As one might have already noticed, all of Preon S Epsilon's attacks are overdramatic in some ways, and the reason why is unknown. One popular theory is that it was made that way to give it a unique fighting style among the other Preon S and likes to take down its foes in style while showing off its superiority over the other Preon all at the same time.


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