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Plasma Glob is an Thunder-based enemy fought in Mega Man X: Command Mission. These, along with Fire Globs and Liquid Globs, are especially common in the Gimialla Mine stage of the game.

It restores a percentage of its current LE every turn. If Plasma Glob is damaged by a Thunder Attack and is not defeated, then it increases the FME gained after battle by 50% based on the last FME obtained. This can be done an unlimited times until the FME reaches the maximum amount, but this also increases all of Plasma Glob’s parameters.
FME gained: 200 FME, 300, 450, 675, 1012, 1518, 2277, 3415 FME, etc.

It will run away seven turns after being damaged by thunder attacks.

Plasma globs

X, Zero, and Cinnamon fighting two Plasma Globs and a Fire Glob

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