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Not to be confused with Fenix.

Phoenix (フェニックス Fenikkusu) is a race of creatures from the Duel Masters trading card game series. Eternal Phoenix (referred to simply as Phoenix) and Death Phoenix, are two which had a cameo appearance in Mega Man Battle Network 5 as Giga Chips.


These two Phoenixes were featured as Giga Chips in Mega Man Battle Network 5, as a result of a crossover between the Mega Man Battle Network series and the Duel Masters series. Both series were being published by Shogakukan in CoroCoro Comic and TV Tokyo (same hour block). They also had toys produced by Takara Tomy.


They resemble the powerful creatures from the Duel Masters series and possess great height. However, due to screen and graphic limitations of the Game Boy Advance, their level of detail was reduced and they are only differentiable by their color scheme. Both of them tie into the main theme of Battle Network 5: Light (Sun, in Eternal Phoenix and Solar Boy Django's case) versus Darkness (Darkloids, with the most notable creature being Nebula Grey).



  • Meteor Shower: Randomly shoots a meteor from its mouth onto the enemy's field.
  • Dragon Flame: Heals the player.

Death Phoenix

  • Black Prominence: Perfect copy of Nebula Grey's attack, which summons dark snake-like flames on the enemy. Can be stopped by hole panels.
  • Navi Recycle: Working the same as the Giga Chip from Mega Man Battle Network 3, it recovers the last used Navi Chip.


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