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Mm6 pelicanu

Pelicanu (ペリカーヌ Perikānu?) is a pelican-like enemy in Mega Man 6, and is mainly in Centaur Man's stage. It drops fishes onto Mega Man that explode after a while (but Mega Man can shoot the fish for powerups).

Other Appearances


In episode 3 of Super Adventure Rockman, Mega Man fights three Pelicanus if the player chose to go forward in the maze Magnet Man appears, and one of them uses lasers from its eyes in the animation. In battle, they only attack by dropping three fishes at the same time. After defeating them, Mega Man finds a Item Box in the mouth of one of them. If the player dodges to the left of the Magnet Missile that appears in the maze, Mega Man will fight against some Mag Flys. Beat finds a chip after they defeat them, but a Pelicanu hits Beat from behind and takes the chip away, leaving him angry.


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