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Z4 PegasoltaMugshot
Z4 PegasoltaMugshot
Pegasolta Eclair
Normal pegasolta eclairl-1-
Sky-Running Divine Lance
Eclair sprite

Pegasolta Eclair (ペガソルタ・エクレール?) is one of the Einherjar Eight Warriors in Mega Man Zero 4, based on Pegasus, a flying horse from Greek mythology. He uses electric attacks, is a narcissist at heart, and looks down on anything he considers to be ugly, which usually includes everything else.

In Mega Man Zero 4, Pegasolta occupied the Hanging Gardens, a flying fortress equipped with generators used to create acid rain and powerful lighting storms in an attempt to destroy the environment of Area Zero. He appears again in Ragnarok along with the other Einherjar to prevent Zero from reaching Doctor Weil. The strong wind that was an obstacle throughout the Hanging Gardens mission will also be in effect during his battle there.

Pegasolta reappears as an optional boss in Area N of Mega Man ZX. The player must have the Mega Man Zero 4 cartridge inserted into the Nintendo DS's Game Boy Advance slot for the battle to take place.


Nickname: 天翔ける神槍 (Ama kakeru Shinsou, Sky-Running Divine Lance)
EX Skill: Thunder Blast (サンダーブラスト)
Mission: Stop the acid rain
Zero's EX Skill: Thunder Stab

Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works bio

Formerly a Reploid charged with the maintenance of a large, airborne weather control station, he was redesigned for combat when Weil seized control of Neo Arcadia and transferred to a combat squad - an assignment he had long desired. Thanks to his ability to fly, he is very agile, which he combines with the lightning lances on both of his arms when fighting. With a suave and confident personality, he likes beautiful things and high places.

Pegasolta Eclair's wings are mobile, and can be used to fly.


  • Moves in a zigzag pattern trying to stab Zero with his swords.
  • Launches two electric spears at Zero; if both of them land on solid ground, a bolt of lightning appears between the two and causes damage.
  • Swoops down, trying to kick Zero aside. This can push Zero off the platforms and into the bottomless pit below.
  • Emits two long lines of electricity, one horizontal and one diagonally, while floating down towards the ground. The only way to avoid damage is a well-timed dash on the central (lower) platform.
  • EX Skill - Thunder Blast: Charges at Zero like a comet.



Mega Man Zero 4
Zero Vs. Pegasolta Eclair
  Mega Man ZX
Model X Vs. Pegasolta Eclair
ロックマンゼロ4 (Rockman Zero 4) - ペガソルタ・エクレール (Pegasolta Eclair)01:56

ロックマンゼロ4 (Rockman Zero 4) - ペガソルタ・エクレール (Pegasolta Eclair)

Mega Man ZX - Hard Mode - 24 - Pegasolta Eclair - No Damage00:40

Mega Man ZX - Hard Mode - 24 - Pegasolta Eclair - No Damage

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