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The Orudakoitan (オルダコイタン?) seem to only appear on Kattelox Island and are very common there, but one Orudakoitan does appear in the Shala-Kun Ruins on Ryship Island. The Orudakoitan is often paired with an Arukoitan, which is considered to be the body while the Orudakoitan is the mind. If the Orudakoitan is destroyed, the Arukoitan will not function anymore. The Orudakoitan is immobile and seems to be a radar Reaverbot that sends an alert to the Arukoitan of any intruders. Not all Orudakoitan are paired up with an Arukoitans and vice versa. If an Orudakoitan is alone, without an Arukoitan, it will attack with red or green fireballs that shoot from both eyes on its head. In The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, it has a different color and can shoot fireballs even with an Arukoitan nearby.

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