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Orehawk, known as Orifalcon (オリファルコン Orifarukon?) in Japan, is a sub-boss from Mega Man ZX. It is a giant hawk Mechaniloid that appears in the ruins, Area M. Like Diadrake and Steephinx, it belonged to a wealthy individual, but it's unknown if it's the same one. It was programmed to obey its owner, but ran away and was never heard from again. Its wings are like giant fans that can be launched as an attack mechanism.

Other media

In the Mega Man ZX manga, Orehawk appears briefly in Rayfly's place as a large Maverick that attacks Vent and is destroyed by Model Z.


Orehawk is derived from Ore and Hawk.

Orifalcon is derived from Orichalcum and Falcon.

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