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Opening Stage (オープニングステージ Ōpuningu Sutēji) is an introductory stage in the Mega Man series that is played before the Stage Select Screen. Opening Stages were introduced in the first Mega Man X game.

Mega Man series

Mega Man 7


Mega Man 7 Opening Stage.

The Opening Stage is a city that is being attacked by Dr. Wily's Robot Masters, who free him from prison. Mega Man tries to stop Wily, but he faces Mad Grinder and Bass.


Mega Man 8


The skull-shaped island.

The Opening Stage is in a skull-shaped island that was used by Dr. Wily as a hideout. When Duo and the evil robot crash on the island, Dr. Light asks Mega Man to investigate.


Mega Man & Bass


Mega Man & Bass Opening Stage.

Main article: Robot Museum

The Opening Stage is a robot museum infiltrated by King. King cuts Proto Man in half and uses the Green Devil to cover his escape.

Mega Man Powered Up

The opening stage, named Towntown Stage (タウンタウンステージ Tauntaun Sutēji) in the saved game data of both English and Japanese versions, is the town where Dr. Light's Laboratory is located. Dr. Wily steals Dr. Light's robots and sends Proto Eye after the player to cover his escape.


Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha

Mega Man or Bass fight against the Grey Devil in this stage.

Mega Man X series

Mega Man X


Highway Stage

The Highway Stage (ハイウェイステージ), named Central Highway in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, is a highway from Abel City that is attacked by Mavericks in the beginning of the game. X faces Vile in this stage.

Enemies (X Mode):

Enemies (Vile Mode):

Mega Man X2


Maverick Factory Stage

The Maverick Factory Stage (イレギュラー工場ステージ "Irregular Factory Stage") is a factory used by Mavericks. X fights the Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0 in the factory.


Mega Man X3

Main article: Hunter Base

The Opening Stage is in the Hunter Base. In one point X is captured by Mac, and the player must use Zero to save him. After freeing him, Zero leaves and X fights Maoh the Giant.

Mega Man X4

Main article: Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon Stage. Eregion. Magma Dragoon. Colonel.

Mega Man X5

The Opening Stage is in a city with a giant statue. The Sigma Head comes out of the statue to attack the Maverick Hunters.

Mega Man X6

The Opening Stage is inside some ruins with Mavericks. After defeating D-1000, Zero Nightmare appears to destroy it, and later High Max appears.

Mega Man X7

The Opening Stage has two parts. In the first half Axl is escaping from Red Alert, and the second has Zero fighting against Mavericks in a highway. In the end, the two work together to take down Mega Scorpio.


Mega Man X8

Main article: Noah's Park

The opening stage is Noah's Park, an area near the Jakob Orbital Elevator in Point Galapagos.

Mega Man Xtreme

The Opening Stage is a reproduction of the Highway Stage from Mega Man X.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

Main article: Laguz Island

The Opening Stage splits in two parts at one point. X takes the top path, while Zero goes by the lower path.


Although not referenced as Opening Stages, the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series feature an introductory mission that is played before the player is able to select other missions:

Mega Man (DOS)

Mega Man for DOS features something like an Opening Stage, with Mega Man walking along a straight path to enter what seems to be a part of Dr. Wily's Castle, the only enemy appearing being a dog-like robot vaguely resembling Velguarder which respawns indefinitely. The stage ends when Mega Man passes through a boss-room-esque door. This can be considered the first Opening Stage in a Mega Man game.


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