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Oil Man
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Oil Man is one of the six Robot Masters from the Mega Man 3 computer game for DOS. This version of Oil Man is not the same as the Oil Man designed by Dr. Light and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily in Mega Man Powered Up.

Oil Man resides on an oil refining plant and utilises his Special Weapon, the Oil Stream, to douse foes with bursts of highly-pressurised oil. He is very fast and mobile, but he is weak against the sharp blade projectiles of the Blade Launcher obtained from Blade Man, going down with few hits. Water Shooter and the Shark Boomerang are also effective against him.


Mega Man 3 PC DOS Stage 5 - Oil Man03:56

Mega Man 3 PC DOS Stage 5 - Oil Man

MegaMan 3 DOS - Oil Man Battle!01:41

MegaMan 3 DOS - Oil Man Battle!


  • Oil Man's mugshot is an edit of Flash Man's mugshot from Mega Man 2, and his design closely resembles Flash Man as well.
  • Oil Man's weakness against Blade Man is probably because blades can, if they are sharp enough, cut into oil pipes and cause them to leak.

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