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Oil Man
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This page is about the Robot Master Oil Man. If you are looking for the Mega Man 3 (PC) boss, please see Oil Man (PC)
"Yeah, it's showtime!"
―Oil Man, Mega Man: Powered Up
"Hey, man! Better watch out, 'cause I'm gonna kick your butt so hard, you'll be smelling the oil from my boots for months!"
―Oil Man, Mega Man: Powered Up

Oil Man (オイルマン Oiruman?) is one of the two new Robot Masters from Mega Man Powered Up, which is the remake of the original Mega Man.

Oil Man is a maintenance robot made by Dr. Light to be able to produce a special type of oil from the dispenser on his left arm that can work with any machinery. He enjoys oil and believes it's the answer to everything. He has an urban style of speaking. Unlike his polar opposite Time Man, Oil Man has a very carefree and reckless attitude similar to that of stereotypical punk teenager (for example, calling Guts Man an "old man"), and does not seem to take many things seriously even in battle. He enjoys skateboarding and giving his comrades fill-ups.

Game Appearances

Mega Man: Powered Up

As a boss, Oil Man is reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to take over the world. He resides in an oil field with Hotheads, which can burn the oil around the stage. This is similar to Flame Man's stage from Mega Man 6, although these flames do not instantly kill the player. 

He attacks by jumping into the air and firing three blobs of oil, which can slip up the player if they walk on one. Luckily, the oil can be burned by the Fire Storm. His second attack is to use the Oil Slider and slide back and forth similar to Chill Penguin.

As a playable character, Oil Man only has Oil Slider, so his methods of attacking are limited (as Oil Slider is primarily useful as Elec Man's new weakness, jumping over large gaps, and gliding over the surface of water). He can shoot blobs for direct attacks or like 'landmines', but those methods are weak; Oil Slider drops do half the damage the Mega Buster does, like Ice Slasher. Furthermore, the limit to the number of Oil Slider drops on-screen at once is just one; it will disappear after a long wait, if it goes off-screen, if an enemy collides with it, if it burns up from Fire Blocks, or if Oil Man steps on top (so if it lands in a spiked pit...). For Oil Man to cause large damage he must crash into enemies using the Oil Slider, but this is not without risk—if the enemy remains, he may still collide and get damaged himself. Once on the Slider, Oil Man won't stop until he jumps off by pressing up + jump, hitting a wall (excluding borders of the screen, which just cause him to slide indefinitely in place), or dying.

On a positive note, Oil Man does not slip on the oil blocks in his stage, and his Oil Slider is faster than Mega Man's. In addition, his jump-brake technique can launch him higher (often to the top of the screen), effectively making it a double-jump.

Other Media

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Oil Man first appeared in the story arc Time Keeps Slipping. He alongside Time Man made an appearance in the final page of the fourth issue of the first story arc, Let the Games Begin, but only received his formal debut in Issue 5. Originally, he and Time Man were to be among Dr. Light's original Robot Masters, but Light thought they were too powered up, and decided not to finish them. Unknown to Dr. Light, Dr. Wily had taken the liberty of finishing them up. His personality is similar to that of the game, being arrogant. His overall appearance was similar to that in the game, although modified slightly to have his scarf cover his mouth, presumably to evade the controversy of his in-game design (see Trivia section).

Like Bomb Man, Guts Man, Cut Man, Ice Man, Fire Man and Elec Man, he alongside Time Man had been stolen by Dr. Wily, and were even modified by the mad doctor. However, unlike the other six Robot Masters, they were not ordered to target Mega Man. Instead, they were placed on standby mode with orders to orchestrate Dr. Wily's escape in case he was stopped by Mega Man. In Issue 5, Oil Man abducted Roll at Dr. Wily's orders just as she was returning from grocery shopping to Light Labs (presumably also vandalizing Light Labs with his Oil Slider, causing Roll, just prior to her capture, to worry that she may have ruptured a joint when noticing the oil on her hand when touching the doorknob) to act as leverage against Mega Man, also leaving a note behind threatening to dismantle Roll if Mega Man tried to get help from Dr. Light. He then returned to their hideout, the workshop they were created at, with Oil Man getting into a quarrel with Time Man regarding their arrogance and uptightness, respectively before Wily quelled the argument. Wily then explained to Roll their history. His using the Oil Slider ultimately resulted in Dr. Light deducing their involvement as well as Wily's current hideout when Mega Man was forced to seek help. Eventually, after Mega Man and the six other Robot Masters arrive at their hideout, Oil Man, alongside Time Man, ambushed the Robot Masters and knocked them out. Oil Man also ignored the order to stop Roll, due to his being eager to fight Mega Man. Upon noticing that Agent Krantz was going towards Wily while Mega Man fended off Guts Man and Elec Man with the Ice Slasher, Oil Man complimented the blue bomber with the "slick trick," but then bragged that there "ain't nobody as slick" as himself before spraying Mega Man with the Oil Slider. He and Time Man are eventually defeated by the Robot Masters (after they faked reprogramming by Dr. Wily, as Light had proofed them earlier to ensure such a thing doesn't happen again). After Mega Man seemingly shot down Wily's saucer, Oil Man revealed that the "Wily" was actually a hologram, and the saucer was its projector, and it also can't even fly by itself. He alongside Time Man eventually join Light Labs and put their skills to more noble use.

In The Return of Dr. Wily, Oil Man joined up with Time Man and the other Robot Masters to aid Mega Man in raiding Wily's fortress. Oil Man proceeded to take down the guards alongside Ice Man, Fire Man, Elec Man, and Bomb Man, with Time Man slowing down time enough to have the opening. Oil Man eventually got into an argument with Ice Man regarding who should hide behind Guts Man regarding the Mecha Dragon's firepower, due to being weak against the dragon's flamethrower. He eventually, after restoring Mega Man's free will and defeating the Mecha Dragon, accompanied Mega Man and all the Robot Masters save for Cut Man, Ice Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man (the former three to attend to and take the latter to Light Labs for repairs for an injury sustained in the aforementioned battle), although he ended up facing the Guts Tank with Time Man and Guts Man (the last of whom was particularly outraged at Wily using his likeness for the weapon). Oil Man and the others barely escaped in time when Wily set the castle to self-destruct.

In Roll with It, Oil Man was also involved in rescuing the ocean liner's passengers after it ran aground. He also was responsible for activating Splash Woman to aid Roll when she contacted him (she was trying to call Dr. Light, but he was too busy undergoing modifications to Mega Man to respond).

Short Circuits

Oil Man appears in the Short Circuits strips. In issue 5, he shows Proto Man that he is the character with a scarf that will appear in the main story. In Issue 8, he loudly belched, citing that he's made of crude oil to excuse his bad behavior, to Roll's disgust.


Stage Enemies

Enemies that appear in Oil Man's stage:

Dialogues from Mega Man Powered Up

As a Boss

Oil Man: Hey, whadja come out here for? Don'tcha have a place near your house for fill-ups?

Mega Man: Oilman, let's go home!

Oil Man: You for real? Even if that just slipped out, we are still gonna do this!

Oil Man: What's up, Roll? If you want a refill, you came to the right place, baby!

Roll: I don't need THAT! And more importantly, your punishment for behaving like this is one week without oil!

Oil Man: Ow, that was harsh! Now I'll have to teach you a lesson!

Oil Man: Lookin' fine, bro! Check it out, we both got scarves! Now that's stylin'!

Proto Man: Oilman?! This being our first meeting, brother, I'll make this short, so hang on.

Oil Man: Hey, I give you a compliment and you ignore me! What's up, man! Ain't you gonna say somethin' about my scarf?!

Oil Man: Whadja come out here for? If you wanna learn the talk, you'd best be learnin' it somewhere else.

Cut Man: Mr. Oilman! What you're doing is wrong! Please stop!!

Oil Man: What a hard-head! You gotta keep it real, know what I'm sayin'? Then maybe you'll know what's what!

Oil Man: Hey, old man! You're a bit rusty. Want a little oil? You gotta think about your body before a fight.

Guts Man: I'm no thug. I ain't here to fight you... I came to stop you. Wouldn't be a good foreman if I didn't.

Oil Man: Alright, old man, show me whatcha got!

Oil Man: Hey! This ain't no place for kids. Didn't your mama teach you nothin'?

Ice Man: My mission is to bring you back to base safely.

Oil Man: Take me back? Me? You for real? That's one cold joke.

Oil Man: Hey, bro! You still goin' around blowin' stuff up in that uncool way you do?

Bomb Man: What? Hey, at least I do what's right!

Oil Man: Don't take it personally. I like your style. But too much boom-boom, can make the party bomb!

Oil Man: Hey! You'd better go somewhere else if you want oil. Don't make me hafta hurt you, cause fire's not allowed around here!

Fire Man: Your attacks just add more fuel to the flame! Prepare to get SMOKED!!

Oil Man: Why you-! Heh, well, burn yourself out. I've got my orders to follow.

Oil Man: Hey, whadja come out here for? Don'tcha got a place near your house for fill-ups?

Elec Man: Humph. I have no need for a fill-up. I never used such a primitive energy source to begin with.

Oil Man: Hey, don't do anything stupid now! Didn't need it, just say so. You didn't hafta hurt my feelings!

Oil Man: If you want a fill-up, I'm gonna hafta turn you down. Kids should be drinkin' milk and sleepin', you know what I'm sayin'?

Time Man: It's hardly time for me to sleep, but rather, it is time to defeat you.

Oil Man: Alright, then how about you try this on? It's punishment time for brat kids like you!



  • Oil Man was surrounded by controversy due to being black with large peach-colored lips, which made him highly resemble blackface -- an offensive stereotype of black people in cartoons during the 1920s and the 1930s. Because of this, his colors were changed to dark blue with yellow lips outside Japan. This was also the reason why Oil Man appeared in the Electronic Gaming Monthly "Japan Issue" as a character in the "10 Ways Japan Went Wrong" article exclusive to the issue.
    • As seen in the pictures above, Archie circumvented this problem in its Mega Man comics by covering the lower half of Oil Man's face, including his lips, with his scarf. A prelimary cover for Mega Man Issue 38 featured Oil Man's lips-colored yellow-exposed, but this was corrected for the final cover.
  • Oil Man, along with Time Man, appears on Capcom's Chip Tuned Rockman CD, which was released in Japan. The CD features a remix of both Oil Man's and Time Man's themes in 8-bit.
  • Besides Fire Man and Mega Man?, Oil Man is the only Robot Master boss that has an arm cannon in Mega Man Powered Up.
  • Oil Man, as a boss, is immune to the Slider form of Oil Slider, but not the drop form.
  • When talking to Fire Man, Oil Man says that fire is not allowed at his oil rig, even though Hotheads and Tackle Fires abound throughout his stage.

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