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Number Soul

Number Soul is the Double Soul MegaMan.EXE performs with NumberMan.EXE by sacrificing a Plus Battle Chip (like Atk+10) in both MegaMan Battle Network 4 and MegaMan Battle Network 5.


  • All non-elemental chips gain 10 attack.
  • Number Open: Custom Screen capacity is expanded to 10 chips as long as the Soul is active.
  • Charge Shot: Dice Bomb (This is thrown 3 panels ahead, and after a bit of time, explodes, covering a 3x3 area. The power is equivalent to the number on the dice x10. In MMBN5, the multiplier increases by 5 for each additional Buster level. However, if the dice lands directly on an enemy, it only damages that enemy and its power is always at its lowest.)
  • Weakness: Charge Shot has a long charge rate, takes some time to detonate, and is too dependent on the die roll.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • Any boss - Having 10 chips to select is always helpful. Number Chaos' Charge Shot is also devastating when used in conjunction with chips that hit multiple times, particularly the Infinite Vulcan Program Advance.

Competitive Play

  • Number Soul's Number Open ability makes it just as popular in multiplayer as it is in single player.

CNumberEmo Number Chaos

MegaMan's Charge Shot becomes Dark Plus, which grants +50 attack to the next chip or Program Advance (if applicable). However, this boost will not stack with any other boosts (like those from Atk +10 or Color Point), with exception to Number Soul's innate +10 to non-elemental chips. This is best used with the Infinite Vulcan Program Advance since this attack hits between 20 to 28 times, and the nature of the Program Advance prevents attack-boosting chips from being used with it.

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