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Getting triple Noise Frags from virus battles.

Noise Frags (ノイズのかけら Noizu no Kakera) are rare crystallized noise which usually can be obtained in battle through three methods in Mega Man Star Force 3. They are similar to the Bug Frags in the Mega Man Battle Network series. The maximum amount of Noise Frags the player can obtain is 99.

First method: Obtain them from G viruses.

Second method: S rank viruses with 300% - 400% Noise and they will drop zero to three pieces of Noise Frags.

Third method: S rank V3 bosses, they will drop powerful Illegal Cards, although they will drop Noise Frags as well.



The entrance of the Noise wave shop.

There is only one shop exchanging Noise Frags in the game, and it resides in an Noise Wave in the top-left of Echo Ridge, at the end of the school's wall. Unfortunately, the player would have to progress rather far in the game, otherwise the entrance wouldn't be accessible no matter how the player search. A noise hertz resides in that noise wave that takes in noise fragments in exchange of abilities and battle cards. However, the hertz will not appear until much further in the game.


Ability Name LinkPower Noise Frags Ability Name LinkPower Noise Frags
Plus GNulPnl 190 20 Plus GNulPnl20013
Plus ParaPnl23020 Plus ParaPnl25013
Plus PoisPnl25023 Plus PoisPnl27015
AntiDmg3707 AirShoes40015
AirShoes45012 HP+50061017
GigCls+170025 GigCls+175020

Battle Cards

Image Name Type(s) Text Attack NoiseFrags
SF3 BC 011 Black Ink
BC Element Null Blinding atk spreads dmg to adj pnls 90 5
SF3 BC 121 Double Eater
BC Element Null For 3 turns, cut 2 rows from field - 7
SF3 BC 122 Panel Format
BC Element Null Make all pnls on field normal - 10
BC SF2 SpiritFury Spirit Fury
BC Element Null VS only. Use Elmnt S card to unleash 150 15
G5a murejection Mu Barrier
BC Element Null Regenerate wall of Mu w/each move - 30 (Black Ace Only)
G5j dopplemirror Mirror's Edge
BC Element Null Mirror sucks HP of emies on same col - 30 (Red Joker Only)