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Noise Cards are special cards brimming with Noise used by the Dealer organization in Mega Man Star Force 3 to make Wizards go out-of-control.

It is shown that Noise Cards also have suits (like a normal deck of cards used for games), with the only three used being Spade, Diamond, and Club (as shown by Spade Magnes, Diamond Ice, and Club Strong). The Dealers used these cards to gather up crystallized Noise called Crimson that was emitted by out-of-control Wizards. A Noise Card was also responsible for Bud Bison's transformation into Taurus Fire and him going out-of-control.

It is still unclear as to how the Noise Cards were created. One possible theory is that they were created when the power of Meteor G fused with Blank Cards. This is probably the best explanation because Blank Cards can be overwritten with any data and Meteor G, despite being Noise, is still technically data.

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