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The Nino Ruins (ニーノ島の遺跡 Nīno Shima no Iseki) are the aquatic ruins of Roman-like design that lie deep under the large tower below Ruminoa City on Nino Island. Despite being underwater, these ruins have a system of sluices that allow one to fill up entire floors with water. The Drill Arm is recommended here as there are walls to break (mitigating the need to revisit this ruin) and the bosses are weak to it, especially when powered up. Hydrojets is reccomended here in order to pass through flooded area more quickly.

Enemies in the ruinsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The song that plays when the ruins are flooded is the same song with reverb effects.
  • This ruin is notorious for lowering down the FPS when its flooded. This is a limitation of the PSX hardware as the PSP version features significantly less slowdown.
  • This ruin has drawn similarities to the Water Temple from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for being one of the more annoying dungeons ever made.
  • This ruins is where Mega Man and Data was found and rescued by Barrell Caskett.