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NetBattle (ネットバトル Netto Batoru?) is a term from the Mega Man Battle Network series that refer to the act of NetNavis fighting each other. Controlled NetBattles are friendly competitions between NetBattlers (ネットバトラー Netto Batorā?) and their NetNavis. NetBattles are a popular pasttime and tournaments are often held. Well known NetBattlers are the two young prodigies Lan Hikari and Eugene Chaud, and Mr. Famous has a record of 69 (rokku) consecutive wins.

NetNavis can also battle in a "life or death" situation with the possibility of the loser being permanently deleted. In the games, the deletion of the player's NetNavi (specially MegaMan.EXE) results in a game over. Back-up data and copies of NetNavi data can be stored to resurrect fallen Navis. Ghosts of Navis can also be encountered in the internet from the remains of Navi data.

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Like the games, NetBattles are popular between NetBattlers and they have areas specially made for them, such as arcades. However, NetBattles outside of specific areas without permission is forbbiden by the law.


In the manga series, NetBattlers must acquire a special license to participate in NetBattles. NetBattling without a license is illegal.


In Japan, Capcom held NetBattle tournaments for most games in the series. The tournaments, named NetBattle Tour (ネットバトルツアー?) and later Survival NetBattle (サバイバルネットバトル?), were held from 2001 to 2010,[1][2] mostly in the World Hobby Fair.

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