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This page is about the NetNavi NeedleMan.EXE. To see information on his Robot Master counterpart, see Needle Man.

NeedleMan.EXE, known as SpikeMan.EXE in English anime, is a NetNavi from Mega Man Network Transmission operated by an unseen gardener at Yai Ayanokoji's house, and speaks the yakuza dialect in the Japanese version. In the anime series, he is operated by Ms. Yuri, twin sister of Lan Hikari's teacher, Ms. Mari.

Game History

Mega Man Network Transmission

NeedleManEXE Intro

NeedleMan.EXE, before the battle in Mega Man Network Transmission

NeedleMan is the NetNavi of a gardener who works for Yai. He is given the fake Zero Virus vaccine and begins to go on a rampage. After being defeated by MegaMan, NeedleMan starts to come to his senses. Lan instructs Yai to tell the gardener to jack out NeedleMan before NeedleMan is deleted. NeedleMan jacks out.

Hit Points: 400

Element: Wood


  • Needle Cannon (60) - NeedleMan fires off six needles at MegaMan in a straight line. He can also fire this weapon in a spread pattern while in mid-air.
  • Needle Attack (60) - NeedleMan's armor juts out needles. Close range attack.
  • Wild Needle Cannon (80) - NeedleMan gets angry, jumps in the air, and fires needles in every direction. The only safe haven from this attack is directly under NeedleMan. Indicated by a swarm of leaves swirling around him. Uses when low on HP.

Against NeedleMan, MegaMan can slide to avoid most of his attacks. NeedleMan's legs are wide enough for MegaMan to slide under. For NeedleGeddon, MegaMan should go underneath NeedleMan while NeedleMan is in mid-air. Otherwise, it will do massive damage to MegaMan. Upon defeating NeedleMan, the player receives either a NdlCanon battle chip or NeedleMan battle chip.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess


NeedleMan's emblem

NeedleMan is the navi of Ms. Yuri, the long lost twin sister of Lan's teacher Ms. Mari. Needleman serves Nebula's cause and helps distribute Dark Chips. He is immune to the Dark Chips corruption, even able to handle 3 used on him at once during his battle with Protoman in episode 26. At the end of Axess, he and Ms. Yuri use Cross Fusion and do battle with a C.F. MegaMan after being ordered by Dr. Regal and LaserMan to kill her twin sister to prove her loyalty. The battle ends when Dark ProtoMan decides that Ms. Yuri is a lost cause and sends her, NeedleMan, and Misaki over a bridge.

Rockman.EXE Stream

NeedleMan and Ms. Yuri survived the fall. They reappears in the series and use Cross Fusion to protect a hospitalized Misaki from Asteroid BombMan. He and Ms. Yuri later become part of the Cross Fusion team.

Battle Chips