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Nebula (ネビュラ?) is a criminal organization from the Mega Man Battle Network series. Dr. Regal was leader of the organization. Nebula is dedicated to infecting the entire world with darkness.

In the games

Mega Man Battle Network 4

Nebula makes its first appearance, having HeelNavis and ShadeMan.EXE and LaserMan.EXE as operatives. They were little known before this game, but became more active. To gain control of the world, they planned to hijack Duo.EXE's asteroid and use it to rule the earth. First, they sabotaged Yuichiro Hikari's plan to fire a laser and destroy the asteroid by hacking into the laser. Then Dr. Regal proposed sending a NetNavi to the asteroid and got them to hold the Red Sun/Blue Moon tournament. Once Lan and MegaMan.EXE were picked, Nebula shut down communication across the Net. Lan and MegaMan had to restore communication and fight the perpetrator, a Nebula Navi. Dr. Regal gave them a transmitter. The Nebula agent committed suicide to destroy MegaMan and the transmitter that Dr. Regal gave him shut down. Regal declared MegaMan deceased and proposed that they send his NetNavi to the asteroid. NAXA had no idea that MegaMan survived and agreed. Regal sends LaserMan.EXE to the asteroid and Lan arrives and sends MegaMan. They battle and LaserMan is deleted. Then MegaMan defeats Duo and turns the asteroid away from Earth.

Mega Man Battle Network 5

Nebula reappears as the main antagonist. Their base is in a volcano. They kidnap Yuichiro Hikari at the beginning of the game, and invade the whole Net. Depending on the version, a Network official is assigned to create a team of NetNavis to reclaim the Net and defeat Nebula. The invasion of the Net is simply a distraction through while they steal Gow to build the SoulNet. They continue to build Dark Chips to gain recruits. They perform a test with several SoulNet servers before using the real thing. After Regal and Nebula Grey are defeated, Nebula ceases to exist.

In the anime


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MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

Nebula is still run by Dr. Regal. He hires the Darkloids to do his bidding in return for Dark Chips which he uses to make the Darkloids turn on ShadeMan. His base in in an outer space satellite instead of an volcano from which they launch Dimensional Area Generators. They commit NetCrimes to keep their base secret, steal materials for Dark Chips and enough Dimensional Area generators to engulf the Earth in an Dimensional Area. He also develops the Dark Synchro Chip which he and Ms. Yuri use. His plan comes to fruition. The Earth is engulfed by a Dimensional Area and he uses the Dark Synchro Chip to become R LaserMan.EXE. However, he is defeated by MegaMan and Lan in Cross Fusion and his Dimensional Area Generators are destroyed. Nebula ceases to exist after that.

Base of Operations

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