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A Double Soul with NapalmMan.EXE, requiring a Fire Chip.


  • MegaMan is Fire element, and is able to stand on Lava Panels with no ill effect. However, he takes double damage from Aqua attacks and suffers a HP drain while standing on a Sea Panel.
  • All non-dimming Fire chips gain 40 attack.
  • If MegaMan has a Fire chip selected while standing on a Lava Panel, it gains a further 10 attack and removes the Lava Panel.
  • MegaMan can charge non-dimming Fire chips. This converts the chip into a Napalm Bomb aimed at the closest enemy, doing Fire damage equal to double the charged chip's power.
  • Charge Shot: Fire Vulcan (Hits the first enemy down the row and the panel behind it thrice for 10 Fire damage each, and this increases by 5 for each increase in Buster rank)
  • Weakness: The Napalm Bomb's area of effect is telegraphed by a flashing panel - human opponents can use this cue to step away to avoid taking damage.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • CosmoMan.EXE - He stands still for fairly long periods of time after starting his attacks, allowing you to properly launch the Napalm Bomb at him. Successful hits will also cause him to cease his Cosmo Planet attack.

Competitive Play

  • Napalm Soul is hardly used unless a player dedicates a folder to it.

CNapalmEmo Chaos Soul

MegaMan's Charge Shot becomes Dark Meteor, which rains down Meteors that target enemies at a fast rate. Each meteor does 100 fire damage, and destroys the panel it hits. However, the meteors cause flinching, making it more suitable for deleting viruses than fighting bosses.

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