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Napalm Bomb
Mega Man using Napalm Bomb.

Napalm Bomb (ナパームボム Napāmu Bomu?) is Napalm Man's Special Weapon. When Mega Man uses it, he sends out a bomb that bounces about on the ground. It explodes if it kills an enemy on contact, or after a few seconds of no activity. It will change direction if it hits a wall. It is useful against low-lying enemies like Mousuberu.

The Bridge from Mega Man IV and the second Weapons Archive of Mega Man 10 are also able to use the Napalm Bomb.

The odd thing about the Napalm Bomb is that, in reality, napalm is an extremely flammable, sticky substance, which isn't explosive. Real napalm bombs function with this substance, and Napalm Bomb doesn't cause any kind of burning or fire-effect.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man 5.

Napalmbombicon Napalm Bomb
Boss Damage
Gravity Man 1
Wave Man 1
Stone Man 4
Gyro Man 1
Star Man 1
Charge Man 1
Napalm Man 1
Crystal Man 1
Dark Man 1 1
Dark Man 2 2
Dark Man 3 1
Dark Man 4 1
Big Pets 1
Circring Q9 1
Wily Press 1
Wily Machine 5 1
Wily Capsule 1


It costs one weapon energy unit per bomb in Mega Man 5 and Mega Man IV. With a full weapon energy gauge, it can shoot a total of 28 bombs in Mega Man 5, 19 bombs in Mega Man IV, and 7 bombs in Mega Man: The Power Battle.

Bosses weak against Napalm Bomb

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