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Nástenka is a character from the comic Novas Aventuras de Megaman, a robot designed to act as the bodyguard, servant, and friend of Kalinka Cossack.

She first appears in issue 3, along with Kalinka, hiding in a fortified laboratory in the Frozen Patagonian Tundra. Under attack from Dr. Wily's robots, Kalinka opens a portal into a parallel world to elicit the aid of a "warrior with great power". Unfortunately, the insane being known as Princess comes through Kalinka's portal and begins to attack, quickly defeating Nástenka and Kalinka.

Nástenka and Kalinka are subsequently saved by Mega Man, Roll, and X, who knock Princess back through the portal before closing it. Nástenka and Kalinka then begin to travel with Mega Man and the others to avoid capture by Dr. Wily. During the subsequent adventures Nástenka continues to be defined by her complete loyalty to Kalinka.

Nástenka finds herself the focus of X's egotistical and clumsy romantic attentions, initially to her great annoyance. Her feelings toward him soften somewhat after he saves Kalinka from danger and shows his more heroic side.

Despite showing no built-in weapons system such as the Mega Buster, Nástenka shows herself to be competent in battle, displaying incredible speed, agility, skill, reflexes, and strength. For a time she makes use of a gigantic gun taken from one of the massive robot guards of Dr. Wily's ally Mr. Holzenbein.