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Mystery Waves are objects from the Mega Man Star Force series that are very similar to Mystery Data from the Battle Network series and can contain Battle Cards, Zenny or an Ability Wave Power-Up. Mystery Waves can be found in colors of green, blue, purple, and gold and are usually found in the corners of Wave Roads.

Green Mystery Wave

Green Mystery Waves are commonly found on Wave Roads and Cyber Cores.

Green Mystery Waves are different from other Mystery Waves in that they reappear after MegaMan collects them, but only after he Pulses Out. They tend to contain Standard Cards, small amounts of Zenny, and occasionally a common Ability Wave.

Blue Mystery Wave

Blue Mystery Waves are less common than Green Mystery Waves. They are only found once on a Wave Road or in a Cyber Core, and contain uncommon Standard Cards, larger amounts of Zenny, and occasionally a good Ability Wave or one of Mega's weapons.

Purple Mystery Wave


Purple Mystery Waves are rarer than Blue and Green Mystery Waves, and like blue ones, are only found once. However, unlike other Mystery Waves, they require an Unlocker to obtain the loot inside of them. They tend to contain rare Standard Cards, a Mega Weapon, or a rare Ability Wave.

Gold Mystery Wave

Gold Mystery Waves are extremely rare, having a minuscule chance of spawning in place of a Green Mystery Wave when MegaMan enters the Wave World. They contain rare Standard Cards, and even a Mega Card occasionally. They also may contain very rare Ability Waves.

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