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The continent of Mu.

The Mu (ムー ?) is an ancient culture within the Mega Man Star Force series. It was an ancient civilization on Earth, from which may have formed the Zerker, Ninja, and Saurian tribes. The empire eventually fell, and its last descendant is Solo.

The civilization of Mu plays a key role during the main storyline of Mega Man Star Force 2 and Shooting Star Rockman Tribe. It also plays a minor part in the story and bonus quest of Mega Man Star Force 3.


The history of the ancient Mu is outlined in several symbols obtained while on the rediscoved Mu continent in Mega Man Star Force 2.


"There was a tribe of people with the power to see EM waves... the Mu." -Kath

"That special power of Mu was the object of fear from other peoples of the world, who sought to drive them out." -Fon

"Their search led them to Earth's End. And there they found the Great Being, the source of all EM waves." -Wol

"The Great Being first gave the Mu language." -Tuk

"The Mu used language to control EM waves and create prosperous civilization." -Zul

"The Mu people got their power to manipulate EM waves from the Great Being..." -Mir

"The Mu technology for materializing EM waves allowed their civilization to advance. And for a time, lived in peace..." -Ebesh

"One day Invaders appeared in the Mu's land, Earth's End, and tried to drive out the people of Mu." -Masa

"After the appearance of the invaders, the Mu were divided into those who embraced war and those who rejected it." -Foh

"Humans who rejected war, forsook their land and scattered across the Earth... And those who embraced war, used the power of EM waves to raise their land into the sky." -Fai

"Those Mu who left Earth used EM warriors to wipe out the Invaders." -Rai

"The Mu in the sky conquered all of the peoples on the ground and ruled the Earth..." -Chan


Mega Man Star Force 2

During the events of the second game, Dr. Vega attempts to restore the civilization of Mu by bringing it up from the sea and resurrecting Le Mu with the power of an OOPArt. She enlists the help of Hyde, Solo, Hollow, and several UMAs in order to bring her plans to fruition. When Vega does eventually get her hands on an OOPArt from Geo Stelar, she attempts to use the reformed Mu Continent as a staging ground for starting the Neo Mu Empire. She sends out countless UMAs in order to test the people of earth by seeing who will not betray their friends. In the end, her plans fail, and Le Mu is defeated by Mega Man. Mu then crumbles and falls back into the ocean, taking the OOPArt with it.

Mega Man Star Force 3

Mu tech plays a very minor part during the events of the third game, as Rogue learns that it had been stolen and used in Dealer's Noise machinery. Interestingly enough, this results in Rogue saving Mega Man by accident when the Mu machinery he destroys had caught Mega Man in a death trap.

Just before Mega Man enters the Black Hole Server for the first time, he is stopped by Rogue, who was waiting for his chance to attack Sirius. Rogue explains that Sirius has a piece of Mu Metal, a substance from his civilization that he could use with Laplace in order to begin the resurrection of his civilization. However, the metal only emerged from Sirius once every few days and Planet FM would be destroyed by then. Unable to let that happen, Mega Man defeats both Rogue and Sirius and ends up absorbing the Mu Metal himself. Rogue accepts this, as it simply gives him another reason to kill Mega Man and an opportunity to get the metal back.


Very little is known about the ancient Mu continent, however it is believed to be similar to that of the Whazzap culture, worshiped ancient creatures or deities, most notable being the UMA. The culture is also extremely fond of arts, produced an array of beautiful crafts and technologies based on ceramics, as shown in the resurrected continent that it has an enormous number of crafted and carved drawings on walls or using them to contain the continent's history as in above, especially in large structures and building.

The people of Mu, however, pursing strength solely on their owns, this has almost became a rule between them. They are specialized in training soldiers called Murian and used them to conquers from lands to lands on Earth's surface. At least three Tribes were born from the distinction and developed further traits of its own, such as Zerker, Ninja, and Saurian tribes. It is possible that Mu has been the centre of the ancient Earth for a long period before its destruction. Its influences were so large that temples have risen from various places on Earth which still exists until nowadays, like Whazzap.


Science and technology in the Mu continent is far more advanced than the outside regions. The uses of EM matters have evolved the culture, as it is possible for them to hibernate EM beings, teleportation and/or levitation, therefore affects the lives of its people greatly. Scientist achievements such as cloning EM beings and dark energy manipulation mingle with magical elements such as spontaneous EM Wave Change. The state of technology conceivably places the timeframe we see in either the present day, or perhaps in the future, similar to the concepts of high-intellectual development of ancient real world cultures compared on present day. It could be said that, without EM technology, Mu wouldn't be such a dominating culture.

The most advanced technology presents is the ancient Star Carrier, which bears the almost similar shape and functions to the newest renditions. The EM energy is also used explicitly as the mean of weapons, both projectile and close-ranged, or even massive cannons that cause large destruction waves upon firing. The dark power concept, however, wasn't as popular as the first one, but provides much more useful than EM technology, and apparently, harder to control. This power have been used extensively by Rogue and having great impacts on other EM beings. The purpose and its origin was never discovered, however. The Mu continent also crafted this energy into ancient objects, one such as the Indie Proof.



  • Real mythologies about a civilization named Mu speak of both a continent lost in the ocean and theories that multiple civilizations were started by refugees of the Mu.
  • Mu and the OOPArts were mentioned by Dex Oyama and Mayl Sakurai respectively in the third volume of the MegaMan NT Warrior manga while Class 5-A was holding a discussion on history. The mythological subject, "Hyper Advanced Prehistoric Civilizations" and "OOPATs" (Out of Place and Time Objects), quickly dominated the conversation, in spite of Ms. Mari's attempt to get the class back on track. However, it is unlikely that this particular instance was related in any way to Mega Man Star Force's Mu, as the manga was released before Mega Man Star Force 2 and Atlantis is also mentioned. It's brief mention (a flashback) was simply used by MegaMan to help Lan Hikari understand PharaohMan's situation.

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