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Ms. Yuri, known as Yuriko Ozono (大園ゆり子 Ōzono Yuriko) in Japan, is a character from the MegaMan Battle Network series. She is the twin sister of Ms. Mari.

Game History

In the first game Ms. Yuri teaches summer school in DenTown. She was an ex-member of WWW and helps Lan Hikari by providing a code for access for areas deep in the Net controlled by the WWW.

Anime History

In the anime she is the operator of NeedleMan.EXE.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

She is a member of Nebula in Axess and partners with Dr. Regal. She uses NeedleMan.EXE to cause trouble and can disguise herself as Ms. Mari easily, the only difference being the lipstick, eye shape (though it sometime resembles Ms.Mari's as seen in Gauss' photo of her) and hair bun (Ms. Mari shapes her hair like a cinnamon bun; Ms. Yuri's hair is more croissant shaped). She is portrayed as a mysterious character, whose past is unknown and appears in the sidelines, rarely getting directly involved, but often the secondary mastermind to everything, directly below Regal. Despite her role and serious personality, she is also sometime used in comical situations.

She is revealed to be Ms. Mari's sister, but is supposedly dead. Her past is explored in an episode involving Misaki, a NetPolice Detective that she tricked. She was on a plane trip fifteen years prior to Stream with her and Ms.Mari's father along with a young Regal, returning from Europe. The plane had an accident, though, and everyone aboard died including her father. Duo happened to be passing by Earth at that moment, and decided to pick two test subjects to turn them into Probes to survey humanity and the evolution of the Network system, resulted in her miraculous survival (at Duo's request) and gained new powers, such as quick recovery from physical injuries that otherwise would prove fatal and high Synchro Ratings, and immunity to the Dark Chips corruption, allowing her to easily Cross Fusion with Needleman through Dark Synchro Chip without fearing for the side effect.

Ms. Yuri EP17 Axess

As she appears in Axess.

Towards the end of Axess, after she recovers from colliding with a moving van, she starts remembering her past. Regal then orders Ms. Yuri to kill her twin sister to prove her loyalty and gives her a Dark Synchro Chip. However, Ms.Yuri refuses and in the ensuing battle she is thrown into the sea with Misaki, courtesy of ProtoMan, who was still under Dark Chip's influence.

Rockman EXE Stream

She resurfaced in Episode 21 of Stream, 'Dr. Wily's Daughter'. It is revealed that she brought Misaki to the hospital and then fled. She mets with her foster father, Dr. Wily, and is given a Synchro Chip. During the rest of Stream, she pops out from time to time to assist the people chosen by Duo. She also reunites with her sister Ms. Mari after being separated from many years.

Rockman EXE Beast & Beast+

Yuriko Needleman CF

Crossfused with Needleman.exe.

Ms. Yuri's role is greatly reduced in the ensuing seasons of Beast and Beast+. She is last seen in Episode 26 of Beast+ along with Ms. Mari and Tamako in a hot spring resort.