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MistMan.EXE is a NetNavi from the Mega Man Battle Network series that resembles a genie in a lamp. He was created from a boss character contest.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 3

MistMan possesses Rank 2 in the Undernet, and MegaMan encounters MistMan while hunting for Rank 1. He is given a clue by Rank 3 and it turns out Rank 2, MistMan is in the NetBattle Computer from the TV Studio in Beach Street. He is challenged and defeated in battle. MistMan then gives his Rank 2 to MegaMan and tells him how to find "S". He can then be challenged in battle for his Mega Chips in that location.

MistMan only appears in the White version of the game, while BowlMan.EXE appears in his place in the Blue (Black in Japan) version. However, it is possible to fight MistMan in the Blue version, but only his Omega version.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

MistMan appears in Axess in a castle that suddenly appears out of the sand in the desert. Lan and Mayl get lost in the area and take shelter in the castle. At the same time, a Dimensional Area Generator is cast over the castle. ColdMan.EXE and SwordMan.EXE are sent to locate MistMan and recruit him for Nebula. However, they get lost inside the castle and Ms. Yuri is sent to find them. Lan, Mayl, Ms. Yuri, ColdMan and SwordMan all get caught in the various traps inside the castle. However, they find MistMan's lamp and begin fighting over him. Whoever holds the lamp is able to command MistMan. Ownership of the lamp and the tide of battle change several times. However, Lan and Mayl manage to keep the lamp and delete ColdMan and SwordMan. After they give their thanks to MistMan and leave, the castle disappears into the sand.



MistMan's emblem

  • The lamp is MistMan's weak point - attacking it is the only way to damage him.
  • Mist Tackle: When the lamp lines up with the player, MistMan appears and dashes towards the player. MistMan can be dispelled with a hard-hitting attack.
  • Poison Mist: The lamp summons mist onto the player's panels, which can drain away his HP if he stands in them. Also, MistMan can appear from the mist to attack the player if the mist is in front or behind the player.
  • Soul Gang: MistMan summons two ghosts which will slowly track the player's position. If they come into contact with him, they will hold him in place.

Battle Chips

Battle Chip ID Battle Chip Description Attack Element Code MB Rarity
Mega Chip 70 MMBN3MChip70MistMan Appears from mist & attacks 90BC Element Null None M68 MB***
Mega Chip 71 MMBN3MChip71 MistManV2 Appears from mist & attacks 110BC Element Null None M71 MB****
Mega Chip 72 MMBN3MChip72 MistManV3 Appears from mist & attacks 130BC Element Null None M74 MB*****
Mega Chip 73 MMBN3MChip73 MistManV4 Appears from mist & attacks 150BC Element Null None M77 MB*****
Giga Chip 17 MMBN3GChip17 MistManV5 Appears from mist & attacks 170BC Element Null None M80 MB*****

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