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Mine Tortoise
Normal x3 minetortoise

Mine Tortoise (マイントータス Maintōtasu?) is an enemy from Mega Man X3 that appears in Toxic Seahorse's stage and stages 1 and 2 of Doppler's lab. They float about lazily until X gets near, then they will pick up the pace and try to collide with him, their main body exploding on impact; yet leaving the shell intact. The shell will then float upward, exploding if it makes contact with a ceiling, sometimes dropping an item. The dislodged shell is impervious to all attacks except the Tornado Fang until it hits a ceiling or leaves the screen. If it reaches the surface of the water, it will simply float. A Mine Tortoise will always leave its shell behind when defeated by any weapon, but Gravity Well will destroy it completely.

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