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Metal Soul

Metal Soul is the Double Soul that MegaMan.EXE performs with MetalMan.EXE by sacrificing a breaking Battle Chip.


  • MegaMan can now charge non-dimming, non-elemental chips for double damage and allow them to break through guards. This can be abused with the Super Vulcan chip which, when boosted enough and charged, can do over 2000 damage, enough to one-shot most bosses.
  • Has the Break Charge and Break Buster equipped.
  • Charge Shot: Metal Break (hits the panel directly in front of MegaMan for 150 breaking damage).
  • Weakness: Charge shot lacks range and cannot effectively hit enemies further away.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • ProtoMan.EXE - Hit him with the Charge Shot the moment he steps up close to attack.
    • ColdMan.EXE - The Buster Shot can completely destroy his Ice Cubes, effectively leaving him with one attack less to use against the player.
    • MetalMan.EXE - Ironically, Metal Break can be very helpful when battling MetalMan by removing the gears on the field for a short time, granting more movement freedom. It will also hit him hard when he comes close for his Metal Break.
    • BurnerMan.EXE - Like with MetalMan, using Metal Break can remove the flame jets on the field for a short time, reducing their threat.

Competitive Play

  • Several players use Metal Soul to power one-chip-kill folders like those abusing SuperVulcan or AirHockey chips in both multiplayer and single player game modes. Simply charging the chip of interest is far more efficient than attempting to counter for a Full Synchro.

Other media

Battle Story Metal Soul

Metal Soul

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

When SavageMan attacks a fair, MegaMan and MetalMan jack in to stop him. Since SavageMan was powered up by Dark Chips, MetalMan gives MegaMan his Double Soul. After using it, MegaMan is able to drive SavageMan away.