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The events of Mega Man Zero 3 take place two months after Elpizo's defeat in Mega Man Zero 2. Ciel has completed her research and has developed a new energy system for Neo Arcadia called the "Ciel System". When a crashed spaceship emits energy similar to the Dark Elf, Zero, Ciel, and members of the Resistance head out to investigate.

Main Characters

  • Zero: A Reploid that had been in hibernation in a lab for well over a century. He was discovered and reawakened by Ciel, a human scientist, to help save the world from Neo Arcadia.
  • Ciel: A human scientist and leader of the Resistance Base, a refuge for Reploids suspected of being Mavericks. She has developed an energy system that will most likely solve Neo Arcadia's energy crisis.
  • Dr. Weil: An evil scientist banished from Neo Arcadia a century ago for instigating the Elf Wars. He is the one responsible for corrupting the Mother Elf, which was meant to save the world.
  • Omega: A Reploid which was called forth by Dr. Weil. He played a major role in the Elf Wars, which killed more than half of the Reploids and humans on Earth. He also holds a secret that only Weil knows about.
  • Copy X: Appearing in the first Mega Man Zero game as the main antagonist, he was ruler of Neo Arcadia, before being destroyed by Zero. He has been revived by Dr. Weil.
  • Crea and Prea: Two baby elves that are in search of their mother, the Dark Elf.
  • The Eight Gentle Judges: Eight judges from Neo Arcadia that decided along with X (and later Copy X) if a Reploid called into question was a Maverick. They were brainwashed and modified by Dr. Weil to serve his purposes, and became Weil's Numbers.

Changes from the previous game

  • Weapons do not need leveling up.
  • Cyberspace can be accessed via holographic doors in stages. In Cyberspace, the stage becomes easier, not as much enemies, all enemies drop health bars, and certain Cyber-elves (Fusion and Satellite) auto-activate without dying or point deduction. However, going into Cyberspace decreases the mission score, making it harder to get an A or S rank.
  • Satellite elves are elves that are grown by being fed E-Crystals. They can be equipped (up to two at a time) to constantly benefit Zero without dying or causing point deduction. Normal Cyber-elves that die when used are now called Fusion elves.
  • E-Crystals can be fed to elves at anytime.
  • Secret Disks are hidden throughout the stages and inside of enemies. Some contain enemy, boss, and character bios as well as certain Cyber-elves. However, if any disks are locked, they can be taken to Cerveau to unlock them.
  • Custom chips replace the Form System from Mega Man Zero 2. Players can customize Zero's fighting abilities by equipping him with Head, Body, and Foot chips. Chips can be obtained from Secret Disks and some bosses.
  • Chips marked with a (*) mean that the chip is in the form of a Secret Disk somewhere in the stage.


Main article: Zero's weaponry

Buster Shot:

  • Zero's long-ranged weapon in the Mega Man Zero series. It fires energy bullets horizontally with narrow coverage, and can be charged to fire larger, more powerful shots.


  • A close range weapon that has wide coverage. Each slash has a varying pattern, and speed for different situations, such as standing, dashing, walking, etc.

Recoil Rod:

  • A tonfa-like weapon that can attack in eight directions.
  • By charging the Recoil Rod and aiming it downward, it can be used to bounce up to reach normally inaccessible areas.
  • Charging the Recoil Rod and aiming it at enemies or certain objects will cause them to be knocked back.

Shield Boomerang:

  • Holding up the Shield Boomerang can make Zero bounce back enemy bullets.
  • By charging up the Shield Boomerang, it can also slice up enemies in a boomerang-like fashion.

EX Skills

Main article: EX Skills

EX Skills are special moves introduced in Mega Man Zero 2. Whenever facing a certain boss with an A or S rank, their special moves can be learned if they are defeated. However, to learn even more EX Skills, players must keep their A or S rank or have the use of a certain Cyber-elf (others will deduct points) to change their rank to an A. Some are executed through a certain weapon and some can perform better with a certain element; i.e., the EX Skill SplitHeavens (learned by defeating Hanumachine R) can be performed without an element, but in combination with the Fire Chip, allows Zero to gain more height on the attack.


  • A boss with no element has no weakness. However, Thunder beats Fire, Fire beats Ice, and Ice beats Thunder.


Intro Mission: Derelict Spacecraft Make your way through the Grand Cannons and Shrimpolins with the Buster Shot and Z-Saber until Zero reaches a large corridor. After a cutscene with Harpuia, continue on destroying the Batrings, Shotcounters, Pantheon Hunters, and ice blocks as you go. Keep continuing up until you reach the boss door. After a cutscene with Leviathan and Fefnir, you will fight your first boss in the game.

Boss: Omega

  • Health: 2 bars
  • Element: None
  • Weakness: None
  • Attacks:
    • Shoots energy rings in a set pattern. Avoid by moving, dashing, or jumping.
    • Shoots lasers that bounce off the ground.
    • His sword hovers above Zero, crashing down on him. Omega does this three times in succession.

Reward(s): None

After the cutscene between Dr. Weil and Copy X, you're back at the Resistance Base. After a short cutscene, you can save your data if you want. Go and see Cerveau (right exit of the commander's room, first door on your left). He's finished his Disk Analyzer, fixed Zero's Shield Boomerang, and created a new weapon, the Recoil Rod. Obtain these items and head back into the commander's room. There you will be able to choose from four different missions:

Aegis Volcano Base: Neo Arcadia Army Recon

Watch out for the Heavy Cannons and also keep a close eye on the background. If the volcano erupts, watch out for falling rocks that appear on screen. Also be careful of the Volcaires that pop out of the lava. If you see an ocean of lava and platforms, watch your step. If your platform starts to rumble, the platform will start to rise, but be careful of certain ones; they rise up to a spiked ceiling that can can kill Zero instantly. Keep defeating the enemies as you go and stop when you see another ocean of lava. To get through this part of the stage, you must act fast; the platforms only have a limited amount of time before they sink into the lava. Go through the door and face another bunch of enemies and through the corridor you will face the mid-boss.

Mid-boss: Crossbyne
In this battle, you will face wave after wave Crossbynes for 30 seconds. The Crossbynes attack by shooting needles in an "x" or a "+" shaped formation. There are two ways to win: Either defeat all the Crossbynes or survive for 30 seconds. However, it is recommended to defeat the Crossbynes if you're low on health or would like to refill your Sub Tank.

Keep going up, watching out for the Top Gabyoalls, because if Zero is on the same level of ground as they are, they will start spinning very fast. Also be careful of Lamplorts; they can be defeated by charging up the Recoil Rod to make them turn around so you can start slashing away. Another ocean of lava blocks your path. However this is more difficult than the last one. The same platforms that will sink will also be moving. Don't take a long time on the platforms as you might miss the next one. Be prepared to face the boss ahead.

Boss: Blazin' Flizard

  • Health: 2 bars
  • Element: Fire
  • Weakness: Thunder
  • Attacks:
    • Flizard attacks with his flamethrower.
    • Flizard fires three small spheres that set the floor on fire.
    • Flizard throws his frilled "collar" as a boomerang.
    • EX Skill - Fear Sprinkler: If the player is at an S or A rank, Blazin' Flizard jumps to the center of the room and fires a spray of fireblasts with his spinning frill in a set pattern.
Tip: By destroying Blazin' Flizard's tail, you will temporarily disable his bomb attack.

Reward(s): Fire Body Chip
EX Skill Obtained: BurstShot- By shooting a charged Buster Shot equipped with the Fire Chip, the bullet will explode on contact.

Oceanic Highway Ruins: Track Dark Elf Signal

Travel to the right until you see Childre Inarabitta standing around. He informs Zero about the Dark Elf being seen around the area and challenges him to see who will find it first. As Inarabitta hops into an impenetrable fish submarine, the challenge is not finding the Dark Elf first, but something a little more extra. Yes, you must get past the vehicle, but not to outrun it. Around the stage are switches Zero can step on to lower the water level, and by doing so, makes the upcoming boss battle a whole lot easier. However, the reason why you must get to the switches before the vehicle is because as the vehicle passes over a switch, a shockwave will destroy it and it cannot be activated. However, letting the vehicle go first will also destroy obstacles such as spikes and some platforms, making the entire stage easier to get through. As you continue left, step on as many switches as you can, and falter when encountering an obstacle such as spikes so the vehicle will pulverize it. Through the door will be this stage's mid-boss.

The Dark Elf has been spotted, along with two Pantheon Aquas. As one of them tries to attack the Dark Elf, the other becomes infused with Dark Elf power, destroying his partner.

Mid-boss: Modified Pantheon Aqua
The Pantheon Aqua has taken a form similar to Elpizo's second form from Mega Man Zero 2. This battle can be pretty tough, as its attacks include a laser being shot from one side of the field to the other, five arrows fired in five directions, creating falling debris, and grabbing Zero to drain his health.

Defeat this mid-boss and continue to look for more switches. Remember to stay back if there is an obstacle. Continue right to reach the door of the boss.

Boss: Childre Inarabitta

  • Health: 2 bars
  • Element: Ice
  • Weakness: Fire
  • Attacks:
    • Shoots missiles that go as high as the water level is. These missiles are able to track down Zero and can be destroyed.
    • Runs up the wall, planting mines as high as the water level is. When the mines explode, pieces of the mines that can be destroyed will sink down and damage Zero.
    • Drops down on the center of the field, sending out ice shards.
    • Ear Shot: A weaker version of his EX Skill, if the player is B rank or lower, Inarabitta will throw small ice blades from his ears.
    • EX Skill - Super Ear Shot: If the player is at an S or A rank, Inarabitta launches a giant blade of glowing energy at Zero from his ears.

Reward(s): Ice Body Chip, *Splash Jump Foot Chip
EX Skill Obtained: ThrowBlade- Fires a small shockwave from the Z-Saber. Used with the Ice Chip, the shockwave is bigger.

Weapons Repair Factory: Destroy Factory

Tip: If you have the Light Body Chip (defeat Deathtanz Mantisk), Zero can walk over the piles of rubble and it won't suck him in.

Watch out for the Eye Cannons as you progress. Getting caught by their surveillance camera automatically makes them shoot, so be careful. Also, little cracks in the wall contain Lemmingles that will pop out if Zero gets too close. As you go up, avoid getting hit by the hammers. Watch out for Snakecords, as you must defeat every segment to destroy them. Avoid the hammer and go down to face the mid-boss.

Mid-boss: Bee Server and Mellnets
This is a fairly easy fight. The Bee Server releases two Mellnets that home in on Zero, and shoots honey to slow him down. The Bee Server always opens its hive every time it does an attack, so keep attacking when that happens.

Keep dashing on the conveyor belts to advance. Watch out for the junk that comes and just use the Z-Saber to clear the way. There's more junk pits and some piles of junk that even have Lemmingles hiding in them. Destroy their homes and progress to the boss.

Boss: Hellbat Schilt / Devilbat Schilt (American version)

  • Health: 2 bars
  • Element: Thunder
  • Weakness: Ice
  • Attacks:
    • Shoots soundwaves that bounce off the walls.
    • Releases a swarm of bats from his cape.
    • Shoots electric orbs that return to him after a moderate distance.
    • EX Skill - Laser Creeper: If the player is at an S or A rank, Schilt hangs from the ceiling and warps around to one of three places at random, firing three electric beams from his ears that turn into three energy balls that crawl up the walls and across floor of the room.
Tip: Schilt will sometimes warp to avoid Zero while attacking. He will also recoil and take more damage than usual when attacked with a charged Ice Chip.

Reward(s): Thunder Body Chip
EX Skill Obtained: SaberSmash- Allows Zero to perform a downward thrust with the Z-Saber. If the Thunder Chip is equipped, it becomes an electric attack that creates two sparks when the blade strikes the ground.

Old Residential: Find Dark Elf

Tip: The Fire Chip will work great in this stage if Blazin' Flizard has been defeated previously. A charged Z-Saber slash will burn away the plants and vines to reveal new locations and Secret Disks.

Start the mission going to the right, defeating the Pantheons as you go. Watch out for Seimerans, these plant enemies that will reproduce if not destroyed. There are lots of doors in this stage also with Secret Disks, so keep your eyes peeled. Keep advancing up and go through the door. The two baby elves, Crea and Prea, are here looking for their "Mama". After a short cutscene, the two venture out of the room.

For the next part of the stage, you must be extra careful. Crumbling platforms will send Zero falling, and you'll never know when he will get crushed by spikes. Try to not get killed, and face the mid-boss.

Mid-boss: Megamilpa
This mid-boss, has only one, but deadly attack. Once it comes out of the ground, bullets will be shot from its segments. Megamilpa's only weak spot is the green orb on one of its segments. The boss will emerge from the ground in one of two patterns: It will either travel straight up and then down, firing shots horizontally, or turn and curve into a half-circle, firing shots outward or inward. If Megamilpa emerges in the half-circle and bullets are being shot outward, move to the center of the screen allowing it to pass over, attacking its weak point in safety as it does so. However, if the bullets are being shot inside the circle, keep your Shield Boomerang up. Using the Shield Boomerang during this battle is advantageous; as standing to one side of the screen and keeping it up will block Megamilpa's shots. Also, if the Mailla Satellite-elf is equipped, Megamilpa's shots will be turned into vitality, making its primary attack ineffective.

Continue up, but watch out for Pantheon Bombers in the stage. They will keep respawning, and throws bombs that explode in two directions. Grab a large energy pack just in case if your health is low, and climb down. Watch out for Pillar Cannons on this part of the stage, as they can only be destroyed if their cannons are open. Jump across the pits and face the boss. Before you face the boss however, something catches your eye in the other room. One of Weil's Numbers found the elves, and you must fight the boss to get them back!

Boss: Deathtanz Mantisk

  • Health: 2 bars
  • Element: None
  • Weakness: None
  • Attacks:
    • Shoots scythes that come back to him. He does this clinged to the wall, or on the ground.
    • Shoots a scythe in a horizontal position, but comes back in a vertical position.
    • Thrusts his scythes if Zero gets too close.
    • EX Skill - Rock Breaker: If the player is at an S or A rank, Deathtanz will shoot lasers to the ceiling, causing a chunk of rock to fall down, and slice the pieces at Zero.

Reward(s): Light Body Chip, *Auto-Charge Head Chip

EX Skill Obtained: 1000 Slash- Repeatedly attacking with the Recoil Rod causes Zero to become stationary and attack very fast with it, scoring multiple hits.

After the fight, Crea and Prea go into a room with Dr. Weil. He says that he created the Dark Elf, their mother, so he is considered as their grandpa doing so. Before Zero can catch them, they teleport out of the room.

Complete all four missions to trigger a cutscene with Harpuia, Copy X, and Dr. Weil. Dr. Weil has prepared a missile that will strike Area Z-3079, a human residential area. The baby elves and Omega are also aboard the missile. Zero and Ciel are warned about the missile and Zero goes in an attempt to stop the missile.

Omega Missile

Start the mission going right. Watch out for Eye Cannons and Generator Cannons, as it sends out enemies that home in on you. Watch for Heavy Cannons also, as one portion of the stage shows a Heavy Cannon upside down. Keep dashing on the conveyor belts and make your way through the door. Climb up the ladders and get to the top platform. As you're on the platform, something unexpected happens...

The missile has started to launch, and Zero hitches a ride on it to try and stop it.

This part of the mission starts by going left. Slice the Pantheons and PurpleNerples until you reach a part of the rocket splitting apart. Go inside the rocket and continue right, but you must act fast! Parts of the rocket will start splitting apart, and you must not get left behind! Whenever you see a rocket engine activating, jump on to the next part of the rocket. Get all the way to the end and face a surprising boss.

Boss: Crea and Prea

  • Health: 3 bars (together)
  • Element: None
  • Weakness: None
  • Attacks:
    • Slams into each other, creating an explosion.
    • Fuses together to create one Cyber-elf, shooting lasers that split into two, crawling along the floor.
    • Crea can create a spinning ray, and Prea can sprinkle dust that slows Zero down.

Reward(s): None

The mission was a failure, and the missile had landed. When Zero regains conscience from the missile strike, the baby elves are reunited with their "mother". When Omega absorbs the Dark Elf, his armor becomes gold an purple in color, and becomes very powerful. When he is ordered by the baby elves to attack Zero, Harpuia comes just in time to stop him. But, Harpuia becomes severely damaged, and as Omega tries to attack Zero, Harpuia and Zero are quickly transferred to the Resistance Base.

Back at the base, Harpuia needs to rest up for a while for his wounds to heal. The Resistance Base gets a transmission from Copy X, asking for their surrender. He and Dr. Weil have organized a deal: For the Ciel System, everyone's lives will be spared. But, seeing the damage done to the humans of Area Z-3079, Ciel refuses to give Neo Arcadia the Ciel System. When Ciel opposes, Copy X sends Neo Arcadian armies to attack the Resistance Base. Zero will be the one to intercept Neo Arcadian forces in the all-out invasion. With the task at hand, there are four new missions to complete.

Twilight Desert: Engage Neo Arcadian Army

Tip: Using the Light Chip in this stage prevents Zero from getting sucked into the quicksand.

This mission is pretty straightforward. Slice up the Pantheons and watch out for Shrimpolins that pop out of the ground. Some of the terrain is this stage is not very hazardous; just jump when the quicksand sucks you in and the hills that drag you down do not really pose a threat unless if there are Floppers in the area. Make your way to the mid-boss.

Mid-boss: Or Wormer

The only hazard in this fight is the hill that drags you next to the boss. Even though the only attack it does is spitting out boulders, the PurpleNerples that pop out of nowhere tend to be also annoying. If their propeller gets slashed and they drop, jump over them to dodge. If you're attacking with the Z-Saber, never attack while on the ground, as the hill will drag you down and cause damage.

This part of the stage is also straightforward, with the same terrain as before. Check the pillars in this part of the stage to look for Secret Disks. Watch out for PurpleNerples that will swoop down on you. Also, a new hazard arrives on the stage. Occasionally there will be choppers that will keep sending out Pantheons and will fire rockets until you destroy the chopper itself. Destroy the choppers as fast as you can, but it's your choice if you wanna keep destroying them to rack up mission points in the enemy category. Slash the enemies that are in your way and get to the boss.

Returning Boss: Anubis Necromancess V

Tip: If you have played Mega Man Zero and this is your first time playing this game, here are some of the changes made to this boss:

  • Anubis' element has been changed from Ice to Thunder.
  • Anubis has the ability to modify the stage's layout (quicksand, hills, etc.)
  • Health: 2 bars
  • Element: Thunder
  • Weakness: Ice
  • Attacks:
    • Throws his cane. It returns to Anubis opposite from where he threw it.
    • Uses the two halves of his sarcophagus to smash Zero.
    • Creates Pantheon Zombies that pop out of the ground.
    • EX Skill - Dead Cane: If the player is at an S or A rank, Anubis will make his cane spin across the ground.

Reward(s): None

EX Skill Obtained: ShieldSweep- Makes the Shield Boomerang roll across the ground and return to Zero. In combination with the Thunder Chip, it creates electric sparks on the ground.

Forest of Anatre: Engage Neo Arcadian Army

Tip: The trees in the beginning of the stage can be burned with the Fire Chip.

This stage is very similar to the forest stages in Mega Man Zero 2 (if you've played it). Like their stages, the trees can reveal things such as extra lives and Secs aret Disks. Slash away at the Mellnets, Seimerans and Generator Cannons as you go. However, burning away the trees reveal platforms that helps you avoid some enemies. Whichever one is fine; just get to the door.

Like Mega Man Zero 2's stages, there's ruins in the forest. However, the ruins in the Forest of Anatre have switches not found in Mega Man Zero 2. These switches open the walls in the ruins. You must be quick; getting smashed by one results in an instant kill. If you see boxes next to the switches, use the Recoil Rod to move it on the switch, keeping the wall open. Watch out for Tile Cannons, popping out on the ruins' walls. These enemies keep respawning every time you defeat it, and although it may be a nuisance to some people, they help to rack up mission points if you have not defeated that much enemies. Go through the door and face the boss.

Returning Boss: Hanumachine R

Tip: If you have played Mega Man Zero and this is your first time playing this game, here are some of the changes made to this boss:

  • The only change in this is the room Zero is fighting in. Whenever Hanumachine R transforms into a fireball and bounces around the room, the blocks in the room can be broken, changing the stage's layout.
  • Health: 2 bars
  • Element: Fire
  • Weakness: Thunder
  • Attacks:
    • Transforms into a fireball, either ricocheting around the room or dashing from side to side.
    • Transforms into a fireball, shooting three fireballs.
    • Sends out monkey enemies that grab Zero and damage him.
    • EX Skill - Spinning Staff Monkey Dance: If the player is at an S or A rank, Hanumachine R sets both ends of his staff ablaze, and does an aerial spinning attack with it.

​Rewards: *Auto-Recover Head Chip

EX Skill Obtained: SplitHeavens- Performs an upward strike with the Z-Saber. With the Fire Chip, the attack gains more height than regular.

Frontline Ice Base: Engage Neo Arcadian Army

Starting at the entrance to the Ice Base, slash Pantheons as you go, underwater or not. Watch out for Sharkseal X's if taking the underwater route. There is another route that is above water, but either one is fine. Defeat the enemies and pass through the door.

At the next part of the stage, watch out for icicles on the ceiling and Heavy Cannons. The icicles can be cut with the Z-Saber, but move out of the way if an icicle shakes above you. Also watch out for Clavekers, little spider-like enemies that drop a barrage of bombs down on you. Advance through the door and face the boss.

Returning Boss: Blizzack Staggroff R

Tip: If you have played Mega Man Zero and this your first time playing this game, here are some of the changes made to this boss:

  • After he jumps, standing near the ice clouds can freeze you.
  • His EX Skill freezes the wall.
  • Health: 2 bars
  • Element: Ice
  • Weakness: Fire
  • Attacks:
    • Blizzack will jump around the room, possibly firing snowballs that form ice shards on the ground.
    • Shoots icicles into the air.
    • Fires an ice beam that pushes Zero back. Getting caught by the snowflakes will slow Zero down.
    • EX Skill - Double Blizzard: If the player is at an S or A rank, during his ice beam attack, he will sometimes shoot ice shards that damage Zero.

Tip: Attacking Blizzack with the Fire Chip will break his horns, disabling his icicle attack.

Reward(s): None

EX Skill Obtained: BlizzardArrow- Charging the Buster Shot using the Ice Chip, it gives Zero the ability to fire ice shards from the Buster Shot.

Area X-2: Infiltrate Neo Arcadia

Slash at the Pantheons as you start right, but be careful of the Eye Cannons. Copy X constructed this stage to be Zero-proof, as this is one of the hardest stages in the game. As you defeat the first set of enemies, you will realize why this is one of the hardest. Most of this stage is covered by spikes! Floors, walls, ceilings, most of this stage is spikes! This stage can instant kill Zero quickly if you're not careful. The platforms that get though the spikes can also instant kill Zero, as he can get crushed when it hits the floor or ceiling. Just try and do your best to navigate through the platforms. Whenever the platforms rise up to the spikes, wall slide on the platform's side to avoid instant kill. After this point, Copy X has installed lasers that shuts off every now and then, but getting caught by one releases Gallisnis that zigzag up and down the screen. Make your way to the door and the next part of the stage.

This stage strikes a resemblance to the Neo Arcadian Tower in Mega Man Zero. This part of the stage full of spikes and platforms attempting to smash you. Make your way though these, but watch out for Capsule Cannons on the walls. Floppers and Clavekers also inhabit this place, so watch out for the too. Do your best and make it to the boss.

Boss: Copy X Mark II

Tip: If you have played Mega Man Zero and this your first time playing this game, here are some of the changes made to this boss:

  • Copy X's recovery ability can be used on lower ranks.
  • Copy X has a new EX Skill. Refer to the attacks section under Copy X Mark II.
  • Health: 2 bars
  • Element: None
  • Weakness: None

Tip: Because of Copy X's extreme versatility with the elements and the ability to charge attacks, here's how his attacks will be grouped:

  • Elements to attack with:
    • ​N= Normal
    • T= Thunder
    • F= Fire
    • I= Ice
    • C= Charged (used with any of the elements)
  • Attacks:
    • Performs a slide kick across the floor.
    • Does an aerial punch that homes in on you.
    • N: Shoots three energy shots (aerial and ground).
    • NC: Shoots one, powerful energy shot (ground only).
    • T: Shoots one to few electric orbs (aerial and ground).
    • TC: Fires electric sparks that bounce along the ground (ground only).
    • F: Shoots one to few streams of fire that travel in a curved path (aerial and ground).
    • FC: Shoots eight fireballs into the air (ground only).
    • I: Shoots ice that split into smaller ice shards when it collides (aerial and ground).
    • IC: Shoots a vortex of ice across the field (ground only).
    • Recovers one health bar (used whenever he is 1 bar of health or under).
    • EX Skill - Reflect Laser: If the player is at an S or A rank, Copy X shoots a laser that bounces off the floor, walls, and ceiling.

Tip: Attacking Copy X with a charged Z-Saber will cause him to flinch, interrupting his charge.

Copy X is defeated again, and the real X appears. He tells Copy X that Weil was only using him as a tool for his own plans, but, out of frustration saying every treats him like a fool, he transforms into his final form. However, due to a bomb Weil planted on Copy X that would detonate when accessing his final form, Copy X explodes, and dies for good.

Reward(s): Quick Foot Chip

EX Skill Obtained: ReflectLaser- When the Buster Shot is charged normally, Zero can shoot a laser that bounces off the floor, walls, and ceiling.

With Copy X dead, the real X knew this plan was only a cover for his true ambition: For X to die, so Weil will become the new leader of Neo Arcadia. Dr. Weil also informs that if him and Neo Arcadia work together, they can put a stop to the Resistance, which he calls "extremists".

Back at the Resistance Base, Weil's plans are falling into place. However, if Ciel can gather information, he can tell where Weil's present location is. That doing so, there are four new missions to choose from:

Energy Facility: Search Facility

Watch out for Top Gabyoballs patrolling the area. Once you climb down, the room will darken, and this where the Thunder Chip comes in handy. Any short, orange poles in the stage can be attacked with a charged Z-Saber attack, which will light the room and repel the Mothjiros flying around. Watch out for the Capsule Cannons and Petatrias as you climb the ladders. Once you get through the door, there are buttons that spin round and round and Zero can get damaged if he touches them. The only way to make it out is to push in all of the buttons, and the Recoil Rod will be your helpful little tool here. A charged Recoil Rod attack to the buttons will push them in on one hit, making this room a piece of cake. Push in all of the buttons to make them stop rotating, and go through that door. Make your way through another batch of enemies and get to the mid-boss.

Mid-boss: Locomo IF

This battle can be somewhat tricky. the boss is stationed in the middle of the room, with platforms rotating around it. You don't have to stand on the platforms, but you are in danger of getting damaged by the Top Gabyoballs on the walls and floor. This boss has two different attacks. When it is blue, it shoots ice-cold air upwards that can freeze Zero and when it is red, it shoots streams of fire downwards that can damage Zero from the eye, it's weak point. Even though this boss incorporates two different elements, it does not have a weakness.

Upon entering the next part of the stage, watch out for the Snakecords and the Floppers in this stage, too. In this part of the stage, there are cranes holding metal girders that you use as platforms to make it though the stage. There are also levers that are able to change the path of the girders. As you cross a spike pit traveling right, you must stand on the very edge of the girder to avoid getting killed by the spike ceiling, and also watch out for those Floppers. After slashing through Lamplorts, you will find yourself in another button room. The difference from the other room is that the buttons are raised slightly higher, and Crossbynes constantly appear in this room unless you push in all of the buttons. When you make it out, defeat another swarm of enemies and you will find yourself with more girders to navigate. There is also a lever here to switch the path which can also lead you to a Secret Disk. Watch out for Floppers and avoid the spike wall while navigating to get to the boss. Once you meet the boss, it turns out that the factory makes Dark Elf copies, or baby elves, and the factory became off limits so no one would get curious about it.

Boss: Cubit Foxtar

  • Health: 2 bars
  • Element: Fire
  • Weakness: Thunder
  • Attacks:
    • Summons fireballs that circle the room.
    • Cubit surrounds herself with fireballs and throws them at Zero. They can be deflected with the Z-Saber.
    • Transforms into five fireballs that dance around the room.
    • EX Skill - Fire Rain: If the player is at an S or A rank, Cubit stands in the middle of the room, shooting two sets of fireballs in a set pattern.

Reward(s): Double Jump Foot Chip, *Frog Foot Chip

EX Skill: SoulLauncher- Aiming a charged Recoil Rod upwards will shoot up bullets.

Snowy Plains: Retrieve Data

This stage can be a rush if you take advantage of the technology in the stage. Watch out for the Shrimpolins that pop out beneath the snow. If taking the long way, watch out for the Gyro Cannons and Shellcrawlers. The Pantheon Bases in this stage ride on some kind of weird hovercraft thing, and if you destroy the rider, you can use them as transportation throughout the stage, but not for long.Before the mid-boss, there is a crumbling snow platform at the bottom of the upper platforms which you can use to get a Secret Disk. Use the hovercrafts to the best of your ability and get to the mid-boss.

Mid-boss: Blanc Wormer

The stage and the mid-boss resembles the mid-boss fight in Anubis Necromancess V's stage. Amazingly, this boss has a weakness, which is Fire, so you can beat it quickly. This mid-boss emerges from the bottom of the hill or the top of the hill, occasionally doing one of two attacks. He fires snow into the air to damage Zero, and snowballs that accumulate and get larger rolling down the hill. Both can be destroyed with the Z-Saber, and he's not really a challenge much, so this should be easy even for the beginners.

Watch out for the pits in this part of the stage. No one would rather care though, as the Pantheon Base enemy's hovercraft serves as transportation here also. But if not taking the hovercraft, you should avoid the bottomless pits in the stage. Watch out for Mellnets and Generator Cannons and advance to the boss.

Boss: Glacier le Cactank

  • Health: 2 bars
  • Element: Ice
  • Weakness: Fire
  • Attacks:
    • Glacier will cling to the ceiling, swinging his arms and throwing ice shards.
    • Stretches out his arm which comes back to him slowly.
    • Jumps and shakes the floor, causing the icicles on the ceiling to fall early.
    • EX Skill - Ice Carnival: If the player is at an S or A rank, Glacier will swing his arm in circles, firing ice shards everywhere.

Tip: Watch out for the icicles on the ceiling while fighting this boss.

Reward(s): Spike Foot Chip, *Quick-Charge Head Chip

EX Skill Obtained: OrbitShield- Makes the Shield Boomerang revolve around Zero when charged. Using the Ice Chip, it revolves around Zero slightly longer.

Sunken Library: Retrieve Data File

In this stage, I would think twice before jumping into the water. This stage has a very dangerous hazard: When the water rises up into the highest point, it becomes electrified, and staying in there will take a chunk of health off. The Turtloid X's are enemies, but they can also be of your assistance if you know how tho use them right. They float among the electric, watery surface, and if you attack their arm thingy, it will turn over, becoming a platform to traverse over the electric water. Use them as best as you can, and get to high ground and to the door quickly.

Next, you will find yourself in the Data Room. There are files for Dr. Weil, Omega, the Dark Elf, and the Elf Wars located in a room past the Data Room. The room beyond is a grid of doors, in which some of them contain these files. Go to the monitor in the Data Room and search up one of the files. After that, the location of that certain file will be shown, and you must go into that room to retrieve it. The doors with the contained files have a purple hallway upon entering, so that is a clue to where they are. Collect all four files and face the boss in the room where you found the last one. Each room with the files has a different layout, so choose which file you want to collect last before fighting the boss.

File #650326- Dr. Weil:
From Neo Arcadia, creator of Omega, altered the Mother Elf, sparking the Elf Wars, banished from Neo Arcadia after the Elf Wars.

Room layout: Normal, rectangular room

File #815156- Omega:
The ultimate Reploid, created by Dr. Weil, possesses incredible power when combined with the Dark Elf, banished to outer space to avoid another Elf War.

Room layout: Same as Dr. Weil datafile's room, but with spikes on the ceiling

File #351848- Dark Elf:
Officially known as the "Mother Elf." Creator unknown. This Cyber-elf was originally created for the purpose of restoring Maverick Programs to their original state, but the Mother Elf was altered by Dr. Weil so she could be used to manipulate Reploids, by freely rewriting programs.

Room layout: Right side of the room has a raised platform

File #945388- Elf Wars (corrupted):
.........end of the.........Wars......Cyber-elves......used...........from this.............................................Elf Wars........................the us........................."Dark Elf," and copies.....................................amplify the will.............the war.....end...............Approximately 90%.................................................wiped.....

Room layout: Middle of the room has a small lower platform

Boss: Volteel Biblio

  • Health: 2 bars
  • Element: Thunder
  • Weakness: Ice
  • Attacks:
    • Volteel will disappear, pop his head out of one of the holes, and fire electric orbs that home in on Zero from his tail from another.
    • Electrifies the entire perimeter of the room.
    • Volteel lashes out his two tails at Zero.
    • EX Skill - V-Laser: If the player is at an S or A rank, Volteel shoots lasers in a sideways "V" formation.

Reward(s): Shadow Dash Foot Chip

EX Skill Obtained: V-Shot- Zero can shoot bullets from the Buster Shot in a sideways "V" formation.

Giant Elevator: Search Facility

There are a lot of high places in this stage, so the Double Jump Foot Chip is recommended. The high places in this stage has Secret Disks and extra lives, and it most of the stage. An alternative would be to bounce up with the Recoil Rod, but it's not that good as the double jump. After progressing through the ladders and destroying the swarm of enemies, make your way down, but watch out for the Floppers. After you go through the door, you will land in an elevator. The only way for the elevator to reach its destination is to defeat every enemy, which consists of Clavekers, Shotloids, and the mid-boss. Because the Clavekers are shielded, a good way to defeat them is to knock them off the edge of the elevator, which destroys them. As for the Shotloids, act as usual and slash them to bits.

Mid-boss: Spearook

Just because you defeated all of the enemies, there are more, even after you defeat this guy. Spearook takes a similar form of Metarook from Mega Man Zero. This one is actually faster, and this battle is more intense because of Zero in danger of being knocked off the elevator. This mid-boss attacks by thrusting itself at Zero with its spears or firing boomerangs. The weak spot is guarded by its body, but it can be revealed. Constantly hitting the upper part of the body will tip it over, making it vulnerable to slash. A good strategy is to fire an ice projectile, such as a charged Buster Shot using the Ice Chip, freezing it and tipping it over so the weak spot is open to attacks.

Finish off the next set of enemies to reach your destination. Continue down, watching out for the Floppers, and face this mission's boss through the door.

Boss: Tretista Kelverian

  • Health: 3 bars
  • Element: None
  • Weakness: None
  • Attacks:
    • Detaches the dogs form his shoulders, which pounce around the room.
    • Grabs a box, throws it, and charges at it.
    • Shoots purple energy spheres that travel along the ground.
    • Grabs a metal bar, bends it, and throws it like a boomerang.
    • EX Skill - Laser Claw: If the player is at an S or A rank, Tretista charges at the box, in which he occasionally shoots a purple laser generated from his claw.

Reward(s): Absorber Body Chip

EX Skill Obtained: GaleAttack- Zero can perform a thrust attack with the Z-Saber while dashing.

Complete the four missions and save your data (or not). Ciel has informed you that Harpuia's condition has improved, so it's best if you visit him. Harpuia wants revenge on Dr. Weil for stripping him of his position in Neo Arcadia. Though his wounds are not fully healed, Harpuia leaves the room. Head back to the commander's room. Ciel still has no information on Weil's location, but they might figure out what he is planning. Before talking about Weil, Ciel opens the Elf Wars file that's been fixed due to corruption. It reads:

File# 945388- Elf Wars:
Near the end of the Maverick Wars, many Cyber-elves were used. The period from this time until the end of the fighting was referred to as the Elf Wars, as a result. In particular, the use of the gigantic elf known as the "Dark Elf," and copies of this elf, known as "Baby Elves," to amplify the power of Reploids, while controlling said Reploids at will, made this the worst war in recorded history. While use of the Dark Elf brought the war to an end in four years, approximately 90% of all Reploids, and 60% of all humans, were wiped out.

Ciel thinks that Dr. Weil might be trying to replicate these events. As Dr. Weil's voice appears on the monitor, it becomes clear that by using Omega, he has the power to control every Reploid on the planet. Because of this, Zero and Ciel are surrounded by resistance soldiers. With nowhere to run, X appears and knocks the soldiers unconscious by disabling the power of the Dark Elf. X informs Zero about Weil's location, in Neo Arcadia's underground power system, Sub Arcadia, where Omega is transmitting the power of the Dark Elf to all of the Reploids. With the coordinates of Sub Arcadia inserted, Zero steps in to stop Weil's evil plan.

Sub Arcadia

Make your way through the first set of enemies. As you drop down, enter Cyberspace for an optional boss. The rest of the stage will be summarized inside Cyberspace.

Cyberspace route:
As you make your way down the staircase, watch out for the spikes on the moving platform, and step through the door on your left. From there, use the teleporter and face a boss only found in Cyberspace. Yes folks, Phantom is back, and this battle with him is significantly harder than in the first Mega Man Zero, as kunais will be flying literally everywhere!

Tip: If you are not inside Cyberspace, skip this section of the walkthrough.

Optional Boss: Hidden Phantom

  • Health: 3 bars
  • Element: None
  • Weakness: None
  • Attacks:
    • Hides among three clones while teleporting. The real Phantom has an irregular flashing pattern, while the rest are Pantheons in disguise. Strike a Pantheon, and Phantom will appear above Zero and stab his sword downwards. Too slow to react, and Phantom will quickly slash Zero while dashing.
    • Jumps and throws his shuriken that fires kunais in "+" and "x" formations as it spins.
    • Throws his shuriken and rides it, quickly firing four kunais down on Zero before jumping off and stabbing down.

Tip: The amount of kunais being fired in this battle makes it almost impossible to dodge them. Use the Shadow Dash Foot Chip, in which Zero can dash past them without being damaged.

After the battle, Phantom encourages Zero to continue on and fight Omega. He then vanishes in a puff of smoke, never to be seen again. Grab the Secret Disk left behind by Phantom and exit the door.

Now, the stage continues here for the people not in Cyberspace. Navigate through the moving platforms, but watch out for the spikes. Advance through the door. Watch out for Pantheon Fists as you progress. Continue down, but watch out for the Cannon Hoppers as you go. Make you way through the corridor and drop down, defeating the enemies as you go. Make your way through the last enemies and face the boss. For those of you in Cyberspace, don't forget to exit out!

Boss: Crea and Prea (2nd and final encounter)

  • Health: 3 bars (together)
  • Element: None
  • Weakness: None
  • Attacks:
    • Slams into each other, creating an explosion.
    • Fuses together to create one Cyber-elf, creating four rays and rotating across the field.
    • Moves out of the screen, and both travel the ground in a peculiar pattern.

Reward(s): *Ultima Foot Chip (defeat Phantom)

Back at the Resistance Base, X has input new coordinates leading to Weil and Omega. The coordinates lead to an abandoned research lab next to where Zero had been hibernating. Prepare accordingly, as this is the last mission in the game. Let's stop Weil and Omega once and for all!

Final Mission

Start right and slash through the Pantheons. This next part of this stage bears resemblance to Area X-2's spikes, so watch out! Navigate through the platforms and go through the door.

And now it's time for a Mega Man game tradition, yet again! Fight all of Weil's Numbers all over again! Refer back to Aegis Volcano Base, Oceanic Highway Ruins, Weapons Repair Factory, and Old Residential on how to beat the first set of bosses. Here are the first set of bosses and their teleporter locations:

  • Top-left teleporter: Deathtanz Mantisk
  • Top-right teleporter: Hellbat Schilt/Devilbat Schilt
  • Bottom-left teleporter: Childre Inarabitta
  • Bottom-right teleporter: Blazin' Flizard

Changes: The water in Childre's room is at full height.

Continue up, and watch out for those Gallisnis when you trigger the laser. Continue on, slashing the Pantheons and let's finish the boss refights beyond the door!

Here is our last lineup of Weil's Numbers! Refer back to Energy Facility, Snowy Plains, Sunken Library, and Giant Elevator on how to defeat the last of Weil's Numbers. Here's the last set of bosses and their teleporter locations:

  • Top-left teleporter: Tretista Kelverian
  • Top-right teleporter: Volteel Biblio
  • Bottom-left teleporter: Glacier Le Cactank
  • Bottom-right telepoter: Cubit Foxtar

Changes: Depending on the room you fought Volteel in, you will fight him in the room where you found the Elf Wars file.

Slash through your last enemies, and make your way down. Watch out for the spike pits while sliding down the wall. Go through the door and let's finish this!

Zero walks inside of the room when Dr. Weil speaks to him. Truth is, he's a human and creator of Reploids, he says. Omega comes down, powerful combined with the Dark Elf. It's about time for the final battle, I hope you came prepared!

Final Battle, Part 1

Boss: Dark Elf Omega

  • Health: 3 bars
  • Element: None
  • Weakness: None
  • Attacks:
    • ​Shoots energy rings in a set pattern. The rings will be fired faster, so prepare to dodge.
    • Shoots lasers that bounce off the ground even faster.
    • His sword hovers above Zero, crashing down on him. On the third strike, debris will be launched in different directions that damage Zero.

You may think you have defeated Omega, but this battle isn't over yet! Omega undergoes another transformation, becoming a giant and even more powerful than before!

Final Battle, Part 2

Boss: Fusion Omega

  • Health: 3 bars
  • Element: None
  • Weakness: None
  • Attacks:
    • Fires a laser that turns and follows Zero.
    • Shoots 3 lasers at Zero's position.
    • Fires a red sphere, trapping and dragging Zero to Omega's horn where he will take damage.
    • Shoots 3 energy shots across the field.
    • Shoots a giant laser, dissipating as it slowly descends.

After the battle, Zero lands into the Underground Laboratory, where he was hibernating. A blinding light rains down. Out of the light, comes a figure similar to Zero. Weil then informs "Zero" that he is merely a copy; Omega holds his true body. A "God of Destruction", Weil upgraded him to draw out his true strength. Even though what Weil said is true, show him the heart of a real Zero!

Final Battle, Part 3

Boss: Omega Zero

  • Health: 3 bars
  • Element: None
  • Weakness: None
  • Attacks:
    • Creates a protective beam around himself.
    • Fires 5 energy shots from the ground.
    • Jumps and slashes, firing 7 little shockwaves.
    • Performs the 3-slash Z-Saber combo.
    • Attacks with a charged Z-Saber slash, creating falling debris.
    • Shoots 2 buster shots, one charged a single level, and another charged a second level, and fires a shockwave across the field.
    • Performs a non-elemental SplitHeavens.
    • EX Skill - Ranbu (Berserk Dance): If the player is at an S or A rank, Omega will lunge himself at Zero and execute a deadly 7-hit attack.

The last battle with Omega forces the Dark Elf out of him. Trying to reactivate Omega, Harpuia, Fefnir, and Leviathan comes out and helps Zero. With the Dark Elf's curse fading, you have control over Zero at this point. Deliver a final blow to Omega, and he is gone for good! With Zero lying down on the ground, X talks to him. He cannot stay much longer, due to his energy being used up. He makes a promise to Zero to protect Reploids and humans alike in his absence. X then fades away and Zero awakens at the Resistance Base. Floating overhead is the Mother Elf, free of her curse, who carried Zero to the Resistance Base. Now free from Weil, she flies away in peace. Ciel tells Zero that it does not matter if Zero's body is a copy, as long as you have the heart of the real Zero, you are the one... and only...Zero.

Even though things have changed, Dr. Weil is still the undisputed ruler of Neo Arcadia. He now rules over humans and Reploids, and will stop at nothing to have world domination in his grasp.


Congratulations! You have completed Mega Man Zero 3, but the game doesn't end there! This section is for all of the additional content you may have missed in the game and may want to collect!


Completing the game will allow you to play a "New Game Plus" using your previously completed file. In the New Game Plus, Zero starts the game with every Cyber-Elf (the Fusion Elves previously used will still be in effect and will deduct points), every Sub Tank, every EX Skill, and every Chip obtained from the previous save game.

You will also obtain Hard Mode, which is unlocked by beating the game once. Press the L button while starting a New Game to play Hard Mode. In Hard Mode, Cyber-Elves cannot be used, Cyberspace cannot be accessed (except inside Sub Arcadia), EX Skills cannot be obtained, the Z-Saber can only slash once and cannot charge up and the Buster Shot can only charge one level. The Recoil Rod and the Shield Boomerang are the only weapons that can fully charge.

Obtain all Secret Disks and beat the game to unlock Ultimate Mode. Press the R button while starting a New Game to play Ultimate Mode. In Ultimate Mode, Zero has all Fusion Elves in effect without penalizing the mission score, Chips will be available from the start, and Zero can use full-charge attacks using simplistic button combos.

There are also 7 mini-games to play and collect. They can be accessed from the Main Menu and are only obtained through certain specifications:

​Zero mini-game:

  • Requirement: Complete the game once.
  • Instructions: Using your Recoil Rod, destroy as many Mellnets as you can by aiming it in the 7 directions. Different colored Mellnets will take more hits to defeat. The game ends when Zero is damaged 3 times.

Copy X mini-game:

  • Requirement: Complete Hard Mode, using your previously completed file.
  • Instructions: Elemental Chips will fall on the conveyor belt. Using elemental attacks, destroy the chips that fall on the conveyor belt using elemental matchups. The game ends when Copy X misses 3 chips. Switch from the elements using the L and R buttons. Fire beats Ice, Ice beats Thunder, and Thunder beats Fire.

Ciel mini-game:

  • Requirement: Complete all missions with an S-ranking.
  • Instructions: Guide the right colored jewels into their beakers by placing and removing blocks to change their path. The game ends when 3 jewels have been wrongly placed.

Harpuia mini-game:

  • Reqirement: Complete the game with an S-ranking, using only the Z-Saber.
  • Instructions: Ride Aztec Falcon, slashing through enemies and avoiding obstacles. Grab the E-Crystals for more points. The game ends when Harpuia either gets damaged, falls in a hole, or gets left behind by the scrolling screen in 3 tries.

Fefnir mini-game:

  • Requirement: Complete all missions with a perfect score of 100.
  • Instructions: Guard the 4 items from the Carryarms trying to take them. Press B to shoot fireballs into the air, destroying the Carryarms. The game ends when a Carryarm successfully takes an item.

Leviathan mini-game:

  • Requirement: Complete all missions with a perfect score of 100.
  • Instructions: Destroy as much Mechaniloid fish as you can using your spear. Destroying Mechaniloids increases time, while hurting the real fish decreases time. The game ends when time runs out.

​Phantom mini-game:

  • ​Requirement: Complete the game with an S-ranking, using only the Buster Shot.
  • Instructions: Jump from one shiruken from another, avoiding the obstacles. The game ends when either Phantom gets damaged, or falls down in 3 tries.

Sub Tank Locations

Now for anyone who's had trouble getting through the game, you must be wondering to yourself: Where are the Sub Tanks? Well this section is for all of you who want to find every Sub Tank out there! Here's all four Sub Tanks and their locations:

Sub Tanks:

  • Use Cyber-elf Artan.
  • Use Cyber-elf Zictan.
  • Old Residential. Recoil Rod off of the second Pantheon Bomber to reach a ledge where the Sub Tank is.
  • Forest of Anatre. In the ruins, look for a button on the left and jump on to the ledge on the right. Bounce up with your Recoil Rod to access the ledge with the Sub Tank.

Secret Disk Locations

This section lists every Secret Disk in the game and how to obtain them! For those of you who want to play Ultimate Mode in the game, look over this page to obtain all 180 Secret Disks!

Derelict Spacecraft

  • No. 133: Grand Cannon
    • Defeat 5 Grand Cannons to obtain this disk.
  • No. 140: Shrimpolin
    • Defeat 3 Shrimpolins to obtain this disk.
  • No. 024: Nurse Elf Sylphy
    • In a snow-covered hole. By then you should have No. 140 before this one.
  • No. 037: Nurse Elf Cyliph
    • Upon entering the building, it is stationed on a ledge.
  • No. 050: Animal Elf Maya
    • ​To the right of the first two Shotcounters, break the first ice cube, and jump on top the highest one to reach a room above.
  • No. 101: 100 E-Crystals
    • On a ledge left of the last two Shotcounters.
  • No. 158: Shotcounter
    • Defeat 4 Shotcounters to obtain this disk.
  • No. 111: Omega
    • Before the boss door, it's in the first box you see as you go up the wall.
  • No. 007: File A
    • Before the boss door, it's in the second box you see as you go up the wall.
  • No. 156: Batring
    • Defeat 4 Batrings to obtain this disk.

Resistance Base, Part 1

  • No. 166: Cerveau
    • Inside of his room (exit right of the commander's room, first door on your left).
  • No. 092: Hacker Elf Achoon
    • Talk to Cerveau twice after the first mission.
  • No. 165: Ciel
    • Inside of her lab (exit right of the commander's room, far door on the right).
  • No. 058: Animal Elf Beenipe
    • Take the elevator to 5F, and talk to the Reploid in the right cannon.
  • No. 106: 40 E-Crystals
    • Take the elevator to the roof, and climb over the left cannon.
  • No. 176: Pic
    • Enter the first room left of 4F.
  • No. 167: Andrew
    • Talk to Andrew (far left of 3F) three times, listen to his entire story, then talk to Rocinolle (4F, first room to the right) twice.
  • No. 170: Rocinolle
    • Inside of her room.
  • No. 099: 40 E-Crystals
    • Take elevator to 3F, and enter room 3D.
  • No. 168: Alouette
    • Take elevator to 2F, and go through the hall on the left.
  • No. 171: Perroquiet
    • Take elevator to 1F, and enter room 1F-A.
  • No. 172: Autruche
    • Take elevator to 1F, and enter room 1F-B.
  • No. 175: Menart
    • Take elevator to 1F, talk to Menart (overlooking the harbor) twice, and answer his question right.

Aegis Volcano Base

  • No. 141: Volcaire
    • Defeat 3 Volcaires to obtain this disk.
  • ​No. 047: Nurse Elf Sloppe
    • Wait for the third lava platform to rise to reach the disk on a high ledge.
  • ​No. 102: 50 E-Crystals
    • In a box next to the first Heavy Cannon after the lava platforms.
  • No. 026: Nurse Elf Artan
    • Use your Recoil Rod to bounce up to a platform between the first two Gyro Cannons.
  • No. 114: Blazin' Flizard
    • Go through the first door, push the first container with a charged Recoil Rod, and climb down the ladder.
  • ​No. 073: Hacker Elf Clokkle
    • Push the second container twice, which will be used after defeating the mid-boss to walk over the spikes, and wall jump to a high ledge.
  • ​No. 152: Crossbyne (mid-boss)
    • Defeat 10 Crossbynes to obtain this disk.
  • ​No. 072: Hacker Elf Bommeras
    • Inside a box before the second Lamplort.
  • No. ​008: File B
    • Inside a box next to a Top Gabyoball.
  • No. ​146: Lamplort
    • Defeat 4 Lamplorts to obtain this disk.

Oceanic Highway Ruins

  • No. 005: Splash Jump Foot Chip
    • Drop down the first hole, and break the crack in the left column with a charged Recoil Rod to enter a hidden room.
  • No. 159: Sharkseal X
    • Defeat 4 Sharkseal X's to obtain this disk.
  • No. 075: Hacker Elf Meteorika
    • After encountering Childre, drop down a large hole underwater. The disk is on a ledge to the right.
  • No. 009: File C
    • Get out of the hole where you found No. 075, and use the blocks on your right to get up to the surface and get the disk.
  • No. 161: Icebon
    • Defeat 3 Icebons to obtain this disk.
  • No. 059: Animal Elf Archim
    • Inside a box, bounce up to a platform after the first spike wall.
  • No. 160: Shelluno
    • Defeat 4 Shellunos to obtain this disk.
  • No. 079: Hacker Elf Kynite
    • Defeat the mid-boss.
  • No. 049: Animal Elf Balette
    • After defeating the mid-boss, jump up to the highest spike-bottomed platform. Be careful.
  • No. 113: Childre Inarabitta
    • After a room with a group of Sharkseal X's, drop down to a staircase, where it's in a box.

Weapons Repair Factory

  • No. 147: Lemmingles
    • Defeat 5 Lemmingles to obtain this disk.
  • No. 115: Hellbat Schilt / Devilbat Schilt
    • From the left side of the third swinging hammer, attack it with a charged Recoil Rod hard enough to break the crack in the ceiling, where the disk is inside.
  • No. 012: File F
    • In a box near the third swinging hammer.
  • No. 104: 100 E-Crystals
    • On a ledge past the fourth swinging hammer.
  • No. 093: Hacker Elf Anater
    • Defeat the mid-boss.
  • No. 131: Deathlock
    • Defeat 5 Deathlocks to obtain this disk.
  • No. 100: 100 E-Crystals
    • Behind a small Deathlock housing Lemmingles.
  • No. 084: Hacker Elf Stopule
    • On a ledge behind a Snakecord going down the conveyor belt.
  • No. 052: Animal Elf Gambul
    • Defeat 3 small Deathlocks to obtain this disk.
  • No. 053: Animal Elf Biraid
    • Inside a box blocked from view with a pipe.

Old Residential

Tip: Some of the disks in this stage can only be obtained through use of the Fire Chip, so you should beat Blazin' Flizard before trying to obtaining the disks in this stage.

  • No. 039: Nurse Elf Mathiq
    • Enter the first door, and break the blocks with a charged Recoil Rod where it's in a box at the end of the room.
  • No. 001: Auto-Charge Head Chip
    • Burn a tree that's blocking the door, enter the room, and break the block to reach the disk on the other side.
  • No. 112: Deathtanz Mantisk
    • To the right of the first Seimeran, aim a charged Recoil Rod down at the breakable blocks to reach a hidden room.
  • No. 074: Hacker Elf Metoras
    • Go up the ladders to reach another door, and inside the room, burn the mushrooms to reveal a ladder going down.
  • No. 067: Hacker Elf Ilethas
    • Defeat the mid-boss.
  • No. 028: Nurse Elf Mott
    • In a box past three Pantheon Bombers.
  • No. 145: Seimeran
    • Defeat 5 Seimerans to obtain this disk.
  • No. 048: Animal Elf Putite
    • After the first set of Pantheon Bombers, wall jump to a ledge with a health item and go through a hidden hallway past it to enter a room, and drop down until you see the disk guarded by a Pantheon.
  • No. 013: File G
    • Exit out the other end of the room where you found No. 048, turn back to find a ladder, and drop down the hole after it, where the disk is on a ledge to the left.
  • No. 135: Pillar Cannon
    • Defeat 3 Pillar Cannons to obtain this disk.

Omega Missile

  • No. 098: 100 E-Crystals
    • Defeat 6 of the Generator Cannon's Mechaniloids to obtain this disk.
  • No. 057: Animal Elf Beetack
    • On a ledge left of the first Generator Cannon.
  • No. 127: Pantheon Guardian
    • Defeat 4 Pantheon Guardians to obtain this disk.
  • ​No. 139: Eye Cannon
    • Defeat 4 Eye Cannons to obtai this disk.
  • No. 030: Nurse Elf Curiph
    • Behind the first Cyberdoor.
  • No. 138: Generator Cannon
    • Defeat 3 Generator Cannons to obtain this disk.
  • No. 090: Hacker Elf Aina
    • Dash-jump to a ledge above the second conveyor belt.
  • No. 055: Animal Elf Pitapah
    • Jump over the spikes past the second conveyor belt.
  • No. 117: Prea
    • In a box next to a Heavy Cannon after the second conveyor belt.
  • No. 021: Nurse Elf Martina
    • Dash-jump to the left of the Generator Cannon after the second conveyor belt into a wall shaft leading to a box at the end of the passage.

Resistance Base, Part 2

  • No. 116: Crea
    • Talk to Alouette twice in Ciel's lab, and answer her question.
  • No. 107: 500 E-Crystals
    • Take elevator to 3F, talk to Andrew, and answer questions from his previous story.
  • No. 169: Hibou
    • Talk elevator to 2F, talk to Hibou (the fat Reploid), and answer his question.
  • No. 023: Nurse Elf Elphy
    • Take elevator to 2F, talk to the Reploid soldier in room 2D, and answer his questions right.

Twilight Desert

  • No. 091: Hacker Elf Acooi
    • Defeat 5 Shrimpolins to obtain this disk.
  • No. 153: Flopper
    • Defeat 5 Floppers to obtain this disk.
  • No. 085: Hacker Elf Stopeta
    • Inside the first box after the large quicksand pit.
  • No. 154: PurpleNerple
    • Defeat 5 PurpleNerples to obtain this disk.
  • No. 089: Hacker Elf Hanmarbo
    • Defeat the mid-boss.
  • No. 031: Nurse Elf Luriph
    • On the first pillar after the mid-boss.
  • No. 022: Nurse Elf Milvy
    • On the pillar over a Cyberdoor.
  • No. 105: 100 E-Crystals
    • On top of one of the pillars after the first Carrybee G.
  • No. 118: Anubis Necromancess V
    • Next to Secret Disk 105.
  • No. 065: Hacker Elf Shuthas
    • Defeat 2 Carrybee G's to obtain this disk.

Forest of Anatre

  • No. 063: Hacker Elf Lizetus
    • Jump on top of the first tree, burn the leaves on your left and follow the ledges to a disk.
  • No. 157: Mellnet
    • Defeat 5 Mellnets to obtain this disk.
  • No. 002: Auto-Recover Head Chip
    • Keep burning the leaves on your right, and follow the ledges to a hole in the wall.
  • No. 071: Hacker Elf Roderas
    • Take the lower path after the third moving block.
  • No. 134: Tile Cannon
    • Destroy 7 Tile Cannons to obtain this disk.
  • No. 014: File H
    • After the sixth moving block, Recoil Rod up to a ledge.
  • No. 119: Hanumachine R
    • Quickly dash over the seventh moving block to the lower path.
  • No. 108: 100 E-Crystals
    • Push the block into the spike pit with a charged Recoil Rod.
  • No. 076: Hacker Elf Metorph
    • Push the button of the ninth moving block and Recoil Rod to the side of the block up to a ledge.
  • No. 040: Nurse Elf Miyaq
    • Before entering the boss door, attack the blocks below you with a charged Recoil Rod until you get to the bottom.

Frontline Ice Base

  • No. 066: Hacker Elf Malthas
    • Jump across the water and scale the first red tower.
  • No. 132: Gyro Cannon
    • Defeat 3 Gyro Cannons to obtain this disk.
  • No. 109: 100 E-Crystals
    • Take the upper route into the building and Recoil Rod up to the wall, where the disk is on a pipe.
  • No. 015: File I
    • Inside a box on top of the pipe route.
  • No. 128: Pantheon Aqua
    • Defeat 3 Pantheon Aquas to obtain this disk.
  • No. 032: Nurse Elf Suriph
    • On a ledge before the second door.
  • No. 035: Nurse Elf Beriph
    • On a ledge after the first set of ladders.
  • No. 120: Blizzack Staggroff R
    • Inside a box near the third Heavy Cannon.
  • No. 136: Heavy Cannon
    • Defeat 4 Heavy Cannons to obtain this disk.
  • No. 068: Hacker Elf Enethas
    • Halfway at the second set of ladders.

Area X-2

  • No. 110: 100 E-Crystals
    • On a ledge near the third Eye Cannon.
  • No. 121: Copy X
    • Inside a box before the first set of moving platforms.
  • No. 062: Hacker Elf Dylphina
    • On a ledge above the fourth moving platform.
  • No. 034: Nurse Elf Yuriph
    • In a box after a vertical shaft of lasers.
  • No. 042: Nurse Elf Dobuq
    • Inside the first box in the second room.
  • No. 070: Hacker Elf Sabras
    • In front of the second Cyberdoor.
  • No. 077: Hacker Elf Metella
    • On a ledge before the second set of moving platforms.
  • No. 137: Capsule Cannon
    • Defeat 4 Capsule Cannons to obtain this disk.
  • No. 069: Hacker Elf Busras
    • On a ledge below the last set of moving platforms past the boss door.
  • No. 061: Hacker Elf Byse
    • In a ledge above the fourth moving platform past the boss door.

Resistance Base, Part 3

  • No. 173: Hirondelle
    • Talk to Hirondelle, and answer his questions correctly.
  • No. 174: Doigt
    • Talk to Doigt.

Energy Facility

  • No. 056: Animal Elf Pitapuh
    • In a box near the second generator.
  • No. 155: Mothjiro
    • Defeat 9 Mothjiros to obtain this disk.
  • No. 124: Cubit Foxtar
    • Climb the right ladder after the first Capsule Cannon.
  • No. 082: Hacker Elf Stopalla
    • In a box near the third generator.
  • No. 149: Top Gabyoball
    • Defeat the mid-boss.
  • No. 064: Hacker Elf Cottus
    • Ride the girder left to an incoming ledge.
  • No. 095: 80 E-Crystals
    • On a ledge with a spiked wall after the girder path going right.
  • No. 150: Snakecord
    • Defeat 4 Snakecords to obtain this disk.
  • No. 078: Hacker Elf Meterom
    • Inside a hidden passage left of the first Snakecord in the last room.
  • No. 004: Frog Foot Chip
    • Point the girder lever to the right, and ride the girders up to a ledge with a spiked wall.

Snowy Plains

  • No. 130: Pantheon Base
    • Defeat 4 Pantheon Bases to obtain this disk.
  • No. 003: Quick-Charge Head Chip
    • Inside a hidden room after the second Shellcrawler obscured by snow.
  • No. 029: Nurse Elf Dott
    • On top of the first rail in the first set of rails.
  • No. 025: Nurse Elf Rilphy
    • On the fourth rail among the first set of rails.