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Mega Man X comic promotion.

Mega Man X is a comic book mini-series that would have been released in 2004 by Dreamwave Comics after the original Mega Man mini-series. However, the company went out of business before the issues could be printed, and little is known about this series.


In the end of Mega Man #4, there is a five pages story titled "Killing Time" that shows a future filled with Maverick Reploids causing chaos. Mega Man X travels back in time to the era of the original Mega Man and enlists the help of Dr. Light to hopefully reshape the future.


  • The concept of Mega Man X travelling back in time to aid Dr. Light in order to save the future from a cybernetic apocalypse is similar to the premise of the Terminator franchise.
    • In fact, the Ruby-Spears episode "Mega X" has X travel back in time to help Dr. Light, Mega Man and Roll defeat Dr. Wily and the Mavericks.

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