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Please note that this is an article about a FAN-MADE MEDIA, and is neither licensed nor endorsed by Capcom, and is not canon.

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Mega Man X: Corrupted is an unofficial, fan-made game by John K. Bacchus (also known as JKB) coded in AS3 using Flex compiler on Flash Develop. The game is modeled after the MMX series' features and gameplay, in the graphic style of the SNES Mega Man X games, with a non-linear open world environment, and skill trees to enhance characters and weapons.


Very little has been revealed about the story, though JKB has confirmed that the game will take place as an alternate time line after Mega Man X5, thus Axl will not make an appearance.


  • Graphics made to mimic the style the Super Nintendo Mega Man X games, using all new tilesets and enemies.
  • The game's soundtrack is composed by Dominic Ninmark and is made to give the same feel as the SNES games but with a remixed touch.
  • X and Zero are both playable characters, with X relying entirely on his X-Buster and Zero on his Z-Saber. You can switch between X and Zero once you begin the main game.
  • The game takes place on a huge world map rather than in stages.
    • Certain areas will unavailable to the player with their starting equipment, much like a Metroidvania [1].
  • It features an elaborate skill system for upgrading character abilities and weapons.
  • Zero will have a special combo system, allowing him to easily string together attacks.
  • Much like a standard Mega Man X game, this one features upgrade capsules, hidden heart tanks, ride armors, and mini-bosses.
  • This game builds on the ability in Mega Man X8 to mix armor parts with this game's Phoenix and Hydra armors for X, whose pieces can be equipped and used immediately as they are found. It also features the Ultimate Armor, a separate armor used in X's intro stage.
    • Zero will have the ability to choose between his traditional "Black Armor", or the special "Viral Armor". He can not swap armors, picking one will make the other uncollectible.
  • Inspired by the original Mega Man X title, terrain on the world map will be altered when certain bosses are defeated.
  • Multiple levels of difficulty for challenge-seekers.
  • Instead of, "sitting in their boss room waiting to be killed", bosses will have their own missions that they will complete if the player hasn't stopped them, making the game harder.[1]
  • Fullscreen mode. [2]
  • Twelve different endings [1].


Eight Mavericks


The Eight Mavericks


X Weapon Zero Technique
Warfare Milodon Homing Missiles Sensōtan (戦争炎)
Sparkling Scorpio EMP Spark Dentenseki (電天刺)
Crystal Rafflar Crystal Bomb Suishōzan (水晶斬)
Plasma Puffer Plasma Bouncer Chōjin (跳刃)
Force Starfish Force Breaker Ryokuhaken (力破拳)
Warp Vulpex Warp Vortex Jikūgeki (時空撃)
Hurricane Hoatzin Cyclone Razor Shippūzan (疾風斬)
Neurohack Mosquito Neuro Spike Geneijin (幻影陣)

Other Bosses


Strike - One of the Rival Bosses

  • Strike
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Special Techniques / Weapons

  • Sensōtan (戦争炎) - Defeating Warfare Milodon grants Zero the ability to do a mid-air fire slash in a 180° arc that goes upwards or downwards. The slash launches two fire spheres that leave fire trails upon contacting the ground.
  • Dentenseki (電天刺) - Upon defeating Sparkling Scorpio, Zero is granted the ability to do an electric-based projectile attack. Zero will hold the Z-Saber upwards releasing electricity bolts that will go towards the sky and upon reaching the ceiling will split in two directions and will travel left and right along the ceiling. The longer this attack is maintained, the more Saber Energy it drains.
  • Suishōzan (水晶斬) - An addition to Zero's triple slash learned by defeating Crystal Rafflar. It gives Zero an fourth slash that will create a row of crystals on the ground that do damage and can block certain enemy attacks. It also makes Zero's Saber pink during the fourth slash.
  • Chōjin (跳刃) - Special technique that is executed while dashing. It is learned by defeating Plasma Puffer. While dashing, Zero will perform a quick saber slash that will send a wave slash that will go the direction he is facing until it hits an enemy or a wall. If it hits a wall the wave slash will bounce and go flying in another direction.
  • Ryokuhaken (力破拳) - Technique learnt after defeating Force Starfish. A powerful ground punch that can break enemy armor and other hard materials. It can be performed on ground and while mid-air.
  • Jikūgeki (時空撃) - A very strategic move that allows Zero to evade an attack fading from sight and instantly teleporting behind the attacker doing minor damage. Can only be used if Zero is about to be struck by an attack, making the ability a counter-attack. Special technique learnt after defeating Warp Vulpex.
  • Shippūzan (疾風斬) - Special technique gained after defeating Hurricane Hoatzin. A chargeable saber slash that can blow away moving targets at a distance.
  • Geneijin (幻影陣) - Giga Attack acquired after defeating Neurohack Mosquito. A Giga Move that will create afterimages of Zero that mimic his movement, each one of them attacking where he does.



X's Armors:


The Ultimate Armor

  • Ultimate Armor - X kept this armor after the events of X5 and uses it during his intro stage, but loses it later on.
  • Ultimate Armor Specs:
    • Helmet: Halves the WE cost used for Special Weapon.
    • Arms: Grants the Powerful Plasma Shot as the 3rd charge.
    • Body: Allows X to use the Nova Strike Giga Attack that does not consume any weapon energy.
    • Legs: Grants the ability to hover mid-air. Mid-air hovering time is decreased if X moves.

Full Phoenix Armor

  • Phoenix Armor - Fire-attribute armor. Designed for maximum offensive power in any situation and allows X to walk on lava/fire without taking damage. Parts can be mixed with the Hydra Armor.
  • Phoenix Armor Specs:
    • Helmet: Scavenger - Have a chance to drop a item that gives health and weapon energy.
    • Arms: Phoenix Buster - Shoots out projectiles that split into smaller homing projectiles upon impact.
    • Body: Focus Charge - Shoots level 1 charged shots as default when at half health or below.
    • Legs: Flame Dash - Increased dash speed and creates a flame trail when dashing on ground.

Full Hydra Armor

  • Hydra Armor - Water-attribute armor. Offers new strategic approaches to situations and gives X enhanced underwater mobility. Parts can be mixed with the Phoenix Armor.
  • Hydra Armor Specs:
    • Helmet: Hydra Helmet - Increased recovery rate and draws in items.
    • Arms: Hydra Buster - Fast Spread Shot that can go through walls.
    • Body: Bubble Shield - Guards X by pushing enemies away. Also reduces enemy touch damage by 1.
    • Legs: Hydro Jump - Allows X to launch himself in the air, his jumping height being massively increased. Also X can move sideways during the Hydro Jump.
  • ???

Zero's Armors:


Black Zero

  • Black Zero - Hidden armor that grants Zero moves and abilities from previous games.
  • Black Armor specs:
    • Mikazukizan (C-Sword): Special technique acquired by Zero in Mega Man X5. Zero will perform a circular slash with his Z-Saber, creating a large, yellow energy crescent in the direction he is facing.
    • Hisuishou (F-Splasher): Special technique acquired by Zero in Mega Man X5. Zero's air dash will automatically generate an ice-element barrier that damages enemies upon contact. 
    • Denjin (E-Blade): Special technique acquired by Zero in Mega Man X5. Zero will jump up diagonally with an electrified Z-Saber blade that leaves streams of electricity behind.
    • Messenkou (C-Flasher): Special technique acquired by Zero in Mega Man X5. Zero punches the ground, sending out nine violet energy projectiles in different directions..
    • Z-Saber Extend: Zero's Z-Saber can reach out a little further than normal. Slash out and you'll notice the small yellow beam extension.
    • Raijingeki: Special technique acquired by Zero in Mega Man X4. Zero will perform a forward thrust with the Z-Saber as a blade of blue lightning.
    • Shock Buffer: When damaged, Zero won't be stunned for as long as he normally is.
    • Unlimited dash length and can turn around while dashing.

Viral Zero

  • Viral Zero - Armor that can be acquired through certain events. Its abilities are varied.
  • Viral Armor specs:
    • Jumper: Jump Height slightly increased.
    • Viral Last Stand: Zero can only die when he is at 1 HP (does not work on instant death).
    • Viral Infection: Infects enemies with regular attacks and on contact dealing damage over time.
    • Viral Phase: When idle for a short amount of time, Zero becomes invulnerable to all attacks.
    • Viral Overdrive: Energy burst that overfills the saber energy.
  • ???


  • The part mixing system only works for the Phoenix and Hydra Armors. The Ultimate Armor and Zero's armors do not have piece mixing. Also, after acquired, Zero's armors are permanent, they cannot be removed.

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