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Walkthrough of Mega Man X4 with X and Zero.

Sky Lagoon: Eregon

After watching the cut-scene, you will be warped to the intro stage, Sky Lagoon. This shouldn't be much of a challenge. In Area 1, just blast through everything. You will find Eregon trying to attack you. You can attack him if you want, but if you don't, nothing will happen. Just ignore it for now and keep blasting through the walls until you reach a door. Enter and Magma Dragoon will tell you that a Maverick destroyed the power reactor and Sky Lagoon will fall. X will then teleport away to the city below.

Area 2 is no problem, just make sure not to make any silly mistakes. At the end, you will come to the intro boss, Eregon.

It has several attack patterns:

> Try to shoot fireballs at you.
> Try to slash you.
> Fly to the other side and hit you in the process.
> Fire a wave of fireballs at you.

It's pretty easy. Just shoot at its body, avoid the fireballs, and dash under him when he flies at you and he should be done in no time.

After defeating him, Colonel will talk to you and your character will ask him to come back to the headquarters with him. Colonel refuses and teleports away. It seems like X is clueless about everything as he warps back to base. Back to the base, X will meet Double, your partner, and will be given your assignments.

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