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Level Strategies

Mercurian Fortress: Mercury

Neptunian Seabase: Neptune

Martian War Stockpile: Mars

Venusian Tunnel System: Venus

Midpoint Battle: Dark Moon

This stage is short. Just walk forward until Terra appears and fight against the boss: Dark Moon.

Jovian Storm: Jupiter

Description of stage: This is a large space station made to monitor Jupiter's weather. The Stardroids want to control the station.

Saturnian Gravity Warp: Saturn

Plutonian Cavern: Pluto

Uranian Trap: Uranus

Confrontation with Terra

The Wily Star

Stage 1: Outer Space

This stage is unique as it is basically a shoot-em-up.

Stage 2: Old Foes Rematch/Teleporters/Cyberspace

In this long stage, the player will fight against four bosses from the previous games: Enker, Quint, Punk and Ballade. After passing by them, there is a rematch against the Stardroids:

Venus                  Uranus
Jupiter                Mercury
Mars    Saturn Neptune Pluto

Final Stage: Wily's Machines and Sunstar

This is the final stage. Collect all the items here, then drop down the long shaft. You'll meet up with Proto Man one last time. Collect his item, then enter the teleporter to face the boss: L. Knuckle and R. Knuckle. First you fight the left knuckle. Avoid it as it moves around while charging up the Mega Arm. When it punches the ground, release the Mega Arm at its eyes. Do this 7 times. Now it's time for the other knuckle. This one is faster, and it can both grab and fire missiles. Do the same thing you did to the first arm.

Now you face Dr. Wily in the Brain Crusher. This machine is unmoving, so you don't have to worry about bumping into it. Shot the Alabell bombs back to it to cause damage. After defeating the first form, the ceiling will become smaller and Wily will be visible. Shot where Wily to defeat him. After this, Wily activates the final boss: Sunstar.